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Brinkman Adventures Season 6 Review

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We have loved listening to the Brinkman Adventures in the past, so I knew that we would enjoy Season 6: Underground Rising. I was right.

I really like that we get to listen in on a family living life as Christians. The Brinkman seem like an average Christian family just trying to make the best decisions that they can while following what the Lord wants for them to do. I appreciate the fact that they listen to their children and encourage them to God even as a little child.

This season was broken into six episodes. Each episode was about 30 minutes long. This worked out well for us as we like to listen as we eat our breakfast each morning. This is a good start of the day for us. It was kind of intense at times and they do suggest for a parent to listen with young children. My 14 & 9 year olds were fine, but I wanted to listen with them anyways. They make for great conversation starters!

Episode 1 - Dutch Underground Part 1

Episode 2 - Dutch Underground Part 2

I have to admit that these were my favorite episodes out of the season this year. It was so interesting how the people of Holland handled being taken over by Hitler and the Nazis. Kate and Kitrey Brinkman go to visit their great grandmother. She lived through World War II in Holland and she tells them all about it. Her house was actually used for the Dutch Underground. My favorite part was when the Nazis had found out that they had electricity. They offered the soldiers food to distract them from noticing. This was a joke for a few days around our home. We would say "Would you like some appleflappin?" That was what some of the food was called.

Episode 3 - Twice Born Fly

One of the younger children of the Brinkman's learned about how a fly can be born twice. Charlie was found a pupa turning into a fly. Then he swallowed it. We loved that Hope started in with "There was a little boy who swallowed a fly..." That's a favorite story around here. He takes a trip with his dad to see his grandparents. This lead to a story by the father of the Brinkman's of when he was in prison. I was enthralled with this story. They turned it into an allegory of Jesus. Wonderful!

Episode 4 - I Wonder Why

Sam and her family move to India to help the children in an orphanage there. Sam has a difficult time with all of the change at first. Her parents are constantly working with the other children and, I think, she feels left out. Her mind changes towards the end of the episode.

Episode 5 - Free Burma Rangers Part 1

Episode 6 - Free Burma Rangers Part 2

These episodes is about Dave Burbank. They tell of his life and how he got to the place that he did, helping the people of Burma. Dave struggled with what he was going to do with his life. His family were missionaries, but he only wanted to become a soldier. He thought that he was letting God down by becoming a soldier. Come to find out, that's what he needed to do in order to become a missionary. I love how it shows how God uses what we know and do in order to serve Him. During part of the episodes, he fell in love. He asked her to marry him, but she said, "No". Our oldest son had to use the bathroom during a portion of the episodes. He came back and the first thing he said was, "Did he get the girl?" funny to think that I didn't think that he cared about listening, but he was totally interested in what was happening.

The Brinkman Adventures Season 6: Dutch Underground was thoroughly enjoyable to listen to. I encourage all of you to check these new episodes out for your family to listen to.

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