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iKnowIt.com Review

Updated: 5 days ago

Do you ever wish that you had some way to have your kids practice their math skills? I mean, you've taught them how to multiply and they are going to scream if you give them one more worksheet. I Know It has done just that. You can even check it out for FREE for 60 days. Check that out by clicking HERE!

Math is one of those subjects that you need to practice. It isn't something that you just learn once, and then never have to practice it again. It takes practice, more practice, and then even more practice. One skill builds on another. If you don't have the first step, you are going to have trouble with the other steps.

That's where I Know It comes in to help! I Know It (otherwise known as iKnowIt.com) is a math resource website for kindergarteners - fifth graders. I Know It is a creation of the wonderful people at SuperTeachers Worksheets.com. This isn't a full math curriculum, it is made to be a resource for you and your family. They have over 400 lessons for your children to work through.

I like this website and so does my 4th grader. Here's what he had to say:

I think that it's a great program. I like that it has a lot of different choices for kids. I think that kids would have a lot of fun using this program.

There are two modes for I Know It. There is the teacher/parent side as well as the student side. As the teacher/parent you assign your child any assignments that you want to from any grade level. So if your son or daughter is in second grade for Place Value, but 4th grade for Time and Money. You can pick and choose what assignments that you want your child to work through. I love that I have the control over what he needs to practice on.

The student's mode has some control, but not as much as the parents' mode. When you set up your child's account, you assign them a grade level. They have the ability choose the assignment that you assigned for them or any assignment in their grade level. This is what our 4th grader liked. He loved going through all of the lessons to see what he wanted to do.

This caused some problems, however. You see, he wanted to do the fractions lesson. That would be great except that we haven't done too much with fractions. But, this did whet his appetite to learn more about fractions, so that's great!

I think his favorite part of the program was the little robot, astronaut, or dinosaur that showed up on the lessons. I loved that when he got a question right, an encouraging message pops up on the screen! He loved it and I loved that it helped him to keep going.

I really appreciate how I Know It has put together this program. It can be useful for homeschoolers as well as public school children. Anyone who needs their children have some extra practice with math can use this site! I am excited to continue to use this wonderful resource whenever we need some extra practice!

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