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How Dad Is Involved With Homeschool

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How Dad is involved in homeschool is kind of a silly question for our family. My husband is the backbone to our family and completely supports homeschooling our boys. He knows that our boys are receiving the best education that we can give them. We have weighed the other options...they just don't come close homeschooling. So, that's what we've done for the past 9 years.

My husband is involved is indirectly involved in all of their homeschooling. We have always reported to Dad what fun things we did or learned about that day. He supports me and encourages me along the way. This homeschooling journey is tough sometimes and I am so blessed that I have him to lean on. I can vent to him about something one of the boys did or ask for advice on how to work with the boys better.

He is involved with their schooling directly, though, as well. He is the Bible mentor in our household. When the boys have a deep question about the Bible that I don't feel like I can answer so that they can understand it, we wait until Dad gets home and we all talk about it around the dinner table. He has always educated them about the Bible. We do Bible work within our "homeschool" time, but he has always been there to guide them even further.

The picture above is right after he baptized our oldest. That is one PROUD dad right there! He is even teaching our oldest a Bible class once a week. This class is called "How To Study The Bible" and it leads him through all of the details of how to get the most out of his personal Bible study.

There are other ways that my husband is directly involved in educating our boys. Just last night he was having our youngest help him design his new closet configuration on the computer. He was explaining what buttons to push and what they mean. I think they both enjoyed it.

He has helped with science projects, engineering activities, woodworking, and computer problems, just to name a few. He is always there when we need him and the boys know it. He encourages them in their strengths and weaknesses. He has even had to call a couple of times from work and talk with the boys when they needed a talk from the "principal" right then and there.

I am blessed to have a such a godly husband to lead our family through homeschooling.

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