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Smart Kidz Radio Review

Updated: 5 days ago

Do you and your family like to listen to music? What about listening to stories? Is it difficult to find child-friendly music and stories to listen to? That's what Smart Kidz Media has done with Smart Kidz Radio.

Smart Kidz Radio has created its own radiostation of songs for kids. These are just any songs, though. These are better qualified as edutainment. What do I mean by that? These are songs that teach.

Here are some examples of what songs are on Smart Kidz. There are songs about how to get along with others. They talk about that you can disagree with your friends and still be friends. It's not just one song, though. They have multiple songs about the same subject. Some songs are sung by kids and some by adults.

Then there are a group of songs about being human. These songs talk about how special and unique each child is.

I kind of like the idea of having a group of songs about the same subject. This actually solidifies the information that they are trying to get across to the children listening. Repetition is one of the best ways to learn something. So by repeating the subject matter, but changing the songs, Smart Kidz is keeping the kids' attention for longer.

All of this is FREE. Yep, free! There is an On-Demand upgraded membership that will give you and your family even more to listen to. With the On-Demand membership, there is programming for children ages 2-10 along with Story Programming.

What's Story Programming? I'm so glad that you asked. Story Programming are stories for your children to listen to. They have a great FAQ section on their website that might answer some questions that you might have about their On-Demand membership. There are fairy tales to listen to on the free version, but there are more with the upgraded membership.

Our younger son loves the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. Guess what he wanted to listen to first? Yep. Here's what he had to say about it:

There are a lot of details in the story. This would be good for younger kids.

I like the story of the Tortoise and Hare and they told the story correctly and not the Looney Tunes version.

He liked the story, but thought that it was made more for younger children. He's 9 and at the upper level that Smart Kidz Radio is made for. I agree with his assessment. It does seems like the songs and stories are made for younger children.

We've never been a family that has listened to "kids" music. We have always listened to Christian music, instead. I have never found the use in "kids" music. But, with Smart Kidz Radio they are actually trying to teach children life lessons. I really like that about Smart Kidz Radio.

You should really go check out Smart Kidz Radio by Smart Kidz Media. It could be a great learning tool for your young kiddos! They could be learning while listening to music and stories!

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