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Hake Publishing Review

Updated: 6 days ago

Grammar. Writing. These are not my best subjects. I can do them, but to teach them? That is an entirely different animal. That's why I was so glad when we were able to check out Hake/Saxon Grammar and Writing 3 by Hake Publishing.

I was very happy when our package arrived. Surprisingly, our youngest was as well. I jumped right in so that I could see what all that there was to this program. Look what I found!

It's a Teacher Schedule. If you don't know yet, I'm a planner. I love schedules. This schedule makes my life so much easier. This makes running this program a piece of cake. I love that it gives when to do each lesson. As you can see, your child will complete multiple Grammar lessons before a Grammar test and a Writing lesson.

Each day that we worked on it, it wasn't a fight to get him to do it. That is such a wonderful feeling. Here's what he had to say:

It's a good program to run through for Grammar. It's quick lessons and you learn a lot. It's good that they don't just have grammar, but that they have writing. I liked it because the lessons are quick and it didn't take an hour, like some programs.

I also love that the lessons didn't take long. That's a blessing when we have so many other subjects to get to. Even though the lessons were short, there is so much information packed into each and every one of them. I was actually surprised by this. You see, this is a 3rd grade program. Our youngest is going into 4th grade. I thought that this would be a great review for him and it is, but it is more than that. This program is really helping him understand why he has to do certain things when writing. That is something that I haven't found yet in any other program.

Each lesson is very well organized. Each lesson starts with a "Grammar Meeting". This just gets a conversation started. Then there is some "Vocabulary". This teaches the student a Latin or Greek root and how that works within an English word. I really like this. I was surprised how much this made sense to our son. After that, it goes directly into the meat of the lesson. After each section of information, there are examples with solutions directly afterwards. At first, I didn't understand why they would do this. Then my son went through a few lessons. These examples with the answers really firm the information into his mind. After all of the examples, then comes the practice and review portions of the lesson. The practice is to obviously practice what they have just learned. Then the review comes. I really love this part because it really firms up the the knowledge that he had already learned in previous lessons.

I haven't even talked about the Writing portion of this program. This had him making his own sentences using the knowledge that he had gained from completing the grammar lessons. I have to be honest, neither of our boys like writing. It's actually the hardest thing to get them to do. Writing after completing some grammar assignments really encouraged him to write. I'm not saying that he was overjoyed to write. I am saying that it wasn't like pulling teeth trying to get him to write. That's an improvement.

I really like this program and we are definitely going to continue working through this. Like I said before, grammar and writing have been difficult for me. The Hake/Saxon Grammar and Writing 3 from Hake Publishing have made it easier.

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