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Kids Email Review

Ever want your young kids to learn how to email, but you're worried about how to keep them safe while using technology? Kids Email has a safe email system for our young kiddos to use. Our 8 year old has been enjoying using his new one year subscription for Kids Email Safe Email for Kids.

When I was a kid, we didn't even have a computer, let alone email. When I was in college,I had been using the computer lab at the college until midnight every night since I was taking computer classes, but didn't have a computer at home. They didn't want me to have to do that anymore so we finally got a computer at home.

That's not how life is anymore. Technology is so much a part of our lives now. Technology can be misused and unsafe for our kids. Email has become a part of our everyday lives. Thanks to Kids Email has made email safe. I think that it's great that even our youngest kiddos can learn to use email and parents don't have to worry.

Kids Email has a lot of great safety features that are not a part of regular email. I want to spend a little time explaining these for you:

* Mail Monitoring - I receive an email every time he sends or receives an email. This was useful in a couple of ways. I was able to see what he was sending out as well as what he was receiving. This was also useful so I knew when he got an email. He is not used to checking his email, so this was a helpful reminder to have him check it.

* Time Restrictions - We didn't need to use this feature as our 8 year old isn't obsessed with using using technology where I needed to choose times for him to be able to use it. I can see how this could be useful as he gets older and I have to restrict times.

* The Mail Queue - When we started our account, I set him up with a list of contacts that I approved him to email or to receive emails from. If he received an email from someone not on his list, I would have to approve the message before it goes through to his email. I really like this!

* Block Senders - I didn't need to use this either, but it would be useful to be able to block certain email addresses from emailing him. I like having full control over what he sees!

* Contact Manager - As I said before, I set up a list of contacts for him. This is where this is kept.

* Spam Filtering & No Ads - This keeps him email clean and safe from inappropriate information or pictures. So great! This makes me feel safe to let him use Kids Email.

* Custom Mailbox Folders - As he gets more and more emails, he can organize them into folders.

Not only does Kids Email keep our kids safe while using email, there are some great fun features that they have included. We downloaded the Kids Email app on our son's iPad. This made it easy for him to use the drawing feature.

Yep. He's writing an email with a picture drawn by him on the iPad. I thought that was a great feature. He also liked using the "take a picture" feature. He loves to take pictures so this gave him an "excuse" to do it for school.

Listen to what our 8 year old had to say about Kids Email

"Kids Email is great for kids because they can talk with family and friends. I'm really glad that they made the Kids Email. I really liked that I could talk with my family. I liked that I could draw pictures and take pictures to send to them."

We used Kids Email in a few different ways. He emailed some family members. Mostly, I actually used it to send him his school list each morning. He liked getting emails and was more willing to complete his work because he consistently was able to check his email.

I have to tell you about their customer service. I had sent our son his daily list for school. He didn't receive it one morning. We tried a few times from different devices. I decided to contact Kids Email to see what we were doing wrong. There was a "chat" feature on their website, so I used that. I had "chatted" with Jennifer. She was so great! She looked into our problem right away. She thought that it was a network issue on their end. She promised to look into it and email as soon as they have it fixed. I did not have to wait long. She got back to me very quickly! I love that they got right on it and got back to me quickly. Great customer service!!!

We really love Kids Email! Our son will continue to use his Kids Email Safe Email for Kids! I'm going to use it especially to practice his writing skills without him even knowing it. Love it! Thanks Kids Email!

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