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Mom! It's Too Hot! I'm Bored!

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Our family has lived in 3 states: Indiana, Oregon, and Arizona. Here is how my oldest son describes the weather in the places that we have lived. Indiana is the freezer. Oregon is the shower. Arizona is the oven. That's about right. They all have their times when it gets tricky to play outside.

We currently live in Arizona. It gets hot in the summer here. Really hot. Actually, it gets hot even earlier than that. Right now, as I am writing this, it is 10 o'clock in the morning and the temperature is 78° and rising. It is supposed to be 90° today and it is only early April.

People learn to stay indoors as much as possible. If you go outside, you can't be outside in the sun for long. Construction workers wear hats and long sleeves to protect themselves from sunburn. They start working earlier in the morning so that they are done early afternoon. We all have to take the sun and temperature into account when we make plans. Stacked on top of this, I get migraines if I get overheated. Fun, right?

Okay, so what's a family to do when it's just too hot? Schedule your activities around the worst part of the day; from about 11-4. If you want to be outside, plan to do so in the mornings or evenings. Plan your inside activities and work during the middle portion of the day. Here are some ideas:

Mornings & Evening Activities



plant/water flowers

water fun

go for a walk




go to the park

Afternoon Activities

board games

movie & popcorn

video games

make a tent/fort

read a book

play a school game

make a craft

listen to books on video (a.k.a. Grandma's Corner)

Make a Theme

Activities associated with a theme are always more fun.

Check out this post ~ How to Survive the Summer ~ to give you some ideas!

Sometimes we have switched our schoolwork from the morning, our normal time, to the afternoon. That way we can go outside, have a long walk, and enjoy the cooler temperatures before it's too hot.

Beating the heat can be troubling sometimes. We just have to keep the right mindset and it will be beneficial to us, instead of a hinderance.

Let me know below what your family does to beat the heat.

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