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Bytes of Learning: UltraKey Online Family Subscription Review

Updated: 4 days ago

Our oldest is a pretty good typist, but our 3rd grader is still learning. He has learned the basics, but really needs help with accuracy and speed. That is why I was so glad that we were given the opportunity to review the UltraKey Online Family Subscription by Bytes of Learning.

Do your kiddos ever use the computer? Do you have them type any of their papers on the computer? I do and that's why my husband and I have always felt like it is so important to teach our boys how to type. We have tried a few other programs so that he can learn where the home row and all of the letters are. These were great, but they are very limited. The problem with these is that the letters and hand placement is where they stop.

Not so with UltraKey Online. This program is a great program that helps the entire family improve their typing skills. The child who is just starting out will learn where to put their fingers and how to hold their hands. It can also aide the adult who wants to work on being able to type faster and more accurately.

Like I said before, our son already knew the basics of typing. He just needed to be able to put those skills to work to actually type words and sentences. He knows where to put his fingers and how to hold his hands. With most programs that teach typing, you have to start the program at the beginning and continue through each and every lesson, even if you already know it. That can be painful for an 8 year old, you know? Let's be honest, that's painful for anyone.

That's one of the things that I love about UltraKey Online. It is totally customizable. That's right! We skipped the "beginning" lessons and got right to the knitty gritty of typing. He could start where he needed to. You know us homeschoolers are not a "one-size-fits-all" type of people, right? We want curriculum that fits each of our children.

Some of our children are young and fast typists who need to work on accuracy, while some are older who need to work on speed. This program can do both. I even set myself up an account so that I could see what I could do on it. Guess what? It helped me as well.

Let me explain. When you purchase the UltraKey Online Family Subscription, you can set up an account for each family member, up to 7 members. You set their controls to what they need to be working on. For example, I set up our third grader with a lower accuracy rate as well as speed rate, since he is just starting to type words and sentences. For myself, I set the bar higher as I wanted to work on getting faster, but also keep accuracy in check. This program does it all.

Another thing that I love about this program is that it isn't at all babyish. You know what I mean? It doesn't act like you are a 5 year old just learning what the letters are. It is a pretty generic set up. That's not a bad thing. They made it colorful and appealing to all ages. That's a great thing! So when I want my 13 year old to use it in his extra time, he won't feel as though he is working with a little kids program built for his younger brother.

Okay, I know that I can't say enough about this program, but I have one more item that I love about this program. You type actual words and sentences ~ not made up words or gibberish. Other typing programs that I have tried to use for myself to get better are very difficult for me to use. My hands are used to typing in certain patterns, like the English alphabet. When a program has you type letters that don't usually go together in actual words (like jzurh), those are hard to type. UltraKey Online helps you learn typing using actual words and sentences.

Thank you, Bytes of Learning, for creating the UltraKey Online Family Subscription for us. It's great that there is one typing program that my third grader can use, but I can use too. It's a very beneficial program for the entire family.

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