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Drive Thru History Adventures - Ancient History Review

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Have you ever heard to Drive Thru History? We just love it! If you haven't heard about them, they make videos about history. But these aren't your average boring historical documentaries. Dave Stotts goes to different places, in different vehicles (hence the "drive thru" part of the name), and talks about what happened there. They now have made it even better by making it into a Homeschool Video Curriculum. So, when we were given the chance to review the new Drive Thru History Adventures, we jumped at the chance.

I love history and I think it's interesting to see how everything fits together. I didn't always think that way. I had some great history teachers in high school that showed me that history is one big story. That's what Dave Stotts and Drive Thru History Adventures does for our kids! They make history fun for our kids to learn. The videos are in the beloved humorous story-telling style of Dave Stotts. This series of Drive Thru History Adventures does not disappoint. My boys have loved watching the videos. I love that they are learning as they are laughing.

This is such a great company. They even sent us a special gift!

Drive Thru History Adventures gives you a choice of 3 different homeschool video curriculum: American History, Bible History, and Ancient History. We were fortunate to be able to review the Ancient History.

I love how they connect Ancient History with Bible History. So many history curriculums try to tell what happened in ancient history without telling about events that happened in the Bible. This is impossible. Now, don't get me wrong. The Ancient History curriculum is not solely about the Bible, but there are parts of them that can't be separated.

Our oldest son loves ancient history, especially Greek and Roman history. As we watched the videos, he knew some of the information. By watching this great video curriculum, it really put things in order of how events happened and it gave him more details about those events. He is really into tactics of war right now and this really gave some great ways that some of them won the wars they fought. Hannibal and the battle of Cannae was especially interesting to learn about.

I do want to warn you, though. They do show ancient art which sometimes has some nudity. It is tastefully done, but I did want to throw that out for all of you. That way you can pre-watch the videos if necessary so that you know what is coming up. I like that they show art in these history videos. This gives us a chance to broaden the minds of our children of some great artists from history.

Look at this from my younger son's online reading curriculum. The same day that we watched the video about the colosseum, there was a picture of it on his other program. He was so excited that he recognized it and that he knew what it was called. Thank you Drive Thru History Adventures.

Even though the curriculum is geared for older children, the videos are for everyone. My younger son learned that his name is a Greek name. By the way, he thought that it was so cool that his name was mentioned in the video.

Drive Thru History has added curriculum to go along with their videos. My older son had a list of questions that he needed to listen for while watching the videos. He did mention that some of the questions were out of order from how they appear in the video. He would be listening for the answer for question 2, when they would answer number 4. Along with the questions to answer, there are some extra readings that would go with each video. We took this curriculum a little slow, but not too slow. Each video and additional work could be completed in one day, but we decided to take 2 days for each. This way he would watch the video and answer the questions the first day and then he would complete all of the extra readings the next day. This seemed to be a good pace for him.

I asked both of my boys what they thought about the Ancient History curriculum videos.

3rd Grader

They are really educational. The racetrack that is close to the colosseum caught on fire. His favorite story was when Dave told the story of Romulus and Remus.

8th Grader

They are information, but funny. They are not super boring like a lot of historical documentaries. He liked the daydream of when Dave wore the ancient greek armor around his house and in his daily life.

Another portion of Drive Thru History Adventures is that they added Adventures TV. These are clips of extra information about historical events or items. Here's what my boys had to think.

3rd Grader

The Christmas specials were my favorite how they told how the things started. I liked it when he told about how St. Nick threw in bars of gold into the stockings of some girls and then the girls were able to get married.

8th Grader

They are hilarious. They did give some good facts about the Bible Museum and the holidays. There was stuff that I didn't know.

I also loved watching all of the videos about the Bible Museum in Washington D.C. After we watched them all, both of the boys were talking about how great it would be to take a vacation there to see it. I agree. We'll have to get there some day.

Now that you can't wait to get your hands on this wonderful curriculum, you're probably wondering what do you need to do. You can get Drive Thru History Adventures either with an annual or a monthly subscription. It's all online, too. So you could get started right away! Click here to check it all out! Also, if you sign up now, you will receive the Gospels DVD set for free! Go! Click here to check it out!

Overall, we loved the Drive Thru History Adventures. This homeschool video curriculum is simply wonderful! It is great to know that there is a fun way for our boys to learn history. Thank you, Dave Stotts and Drive Thru History, for making our boys fall in love with history.

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