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Glass Snowman Christmas Craft

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Grandma Edie and I went to the Dollar Tree the other day. We had been chatting about it for a long time and then FINALLY we were able to head over. We just LOVE the Dollar Tree. They have so many things! Grandma Edie just kept saying, "I'll take 1 of everything, please!" Their Christmas supplies get better every year!

Isn't this just the cutest snowman? It's totally customizable, too!

Here is a picture of what we used.

Materials Needed:

* 1 strand of snowman garland

* 3 bowl vases

* 3 packages of candle lights

* 1 snowman hat ornament

* 1 package of glitter stickers

* 1 package of Christmas snow

We used 2 vases that are the same size and then, for the head of the snowman, we used a little smaller vase. You can use bigger vases if you'd like. That's part of what makes this craft totally customizable. You can put whatever you want inside of the vases, as well. You can put a snow scene, Christmas balls, or even glitter. Anything goes with this.

We made a video so that it would be easier to show you the steps.

As you notice in the video, we didn't glue the vases together. We did that for a reason...packing for next year. It will be so much easier storing three separate vases then it will be to store a big glass snowman.

I simply love this craft! I can't wait until it gets closer to Christmas so I can put it out!

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