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Reading Eggs - Online Learning Review

Updated: 2 days ago

Our 8 year old has been loving working through the online reading program called Reading Eggs! When I told him that we were accepted to review it, he tried to wait patiently for it to start. As soon as I received the email, he waited for me to get everything started. Thank goodness the sign up process is quick and easy so it wasn't long until he was playing (a.k.a. learning).

I have to tell you. I love any type of learning that gets either of my children to ask to do more. Yep, you heard that right. After he did one lesson, he actually asked if he could do more. I think I hesitated to answer, from shock. Then my wits came back to me and I answered a resounding "Um, sure, Honey. What ever you want to do." Are you shocked at my answer? Well, I couldn't let him know that I was thrilled that he wanted to do more lessons, right?

He loves this program! I love that he loves it. Is that too much love? Anyways, this is a wonderful program. It actually gets him to read. He reads and he answers questions, all within a fun, colorful, and engaging electronic format.

When he first signed in, it automatically brought him through a diagnostic to see where his reading ability was. I thought this was great because I wasn't exactly sure where his abilities fell in the spectrum of the program. Once he was done with that, he was off to the races! He loved it from the first moment.

The diagnostic test put him into lesson 21 of Reading Eggspress. He did multiple lessons that very first day. He kept asking to do more and more. That is so impressive. I love when he asks to do more.

Ok...I am sitting here writing this review and he just came running in to tell me that he just learned how to make bread. He said, "Mom. All bread recipes have 4 main ingredients. They all have flour, water, salt, and yeast." I love that he is learning so much while he is practicing his reading.

It's not just reading and answering questions, either. Not that those aren't great, but there's more. There are videos. He watched a video about main idea. It was so great! I have tried to explain main idea to him before, but he totally got it after he watched the video. Wonderful!

There are 3 levels to the Reading Eggs online learning program:

1) Reading Eggs Jr. - This is for children ages 2-4 where your child will learn to love to learn!

2) Reading Eggs - This is for children ages 3-7 where your child will learn the letters, their sounds, and some sight words.

3) Reading Eggspress - This is for children ages 7-13 where children learn reading comprehension skills along with grammar and spelling.

I love that there are three levels. Your child can start in one level and they can just keep moving up through them all. 3 levels for one low price. It's such a great deal.

My son just loves Reading Eggs and he will continue to use it through our subscription. We just love it! It is such a great program that he can do by himself! Yes!!!

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