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CTCMath Review

Our third grader was excited to be able to try out CTCMath Single Membership when we were given the chance to review it. Did you know that homeschoolers can get 60% off + 6 bonus months (but only until November 15th)? He likes to do his school on the computer and I need him to be able to more of his school work without me directly involved. CTCMath seems to fit the bill and so we gave it a shot...and I'm glad that we did.

As you can see from the picture above, he needed to wear some headphones for some of his lessons. This was so that his 8th grade brother and I could work on some lessons together in the same place, but not be distracted by the CTCMath lesson video. I had some extra headphones that didn't work for my online work that I ended up giving them to him for his schoolwork. He loves them! He puts the microphone in position, but he doesn't need it at all. He just likes wearing them that way.

So here's how the whole thing works. There is a parent/teacher section and then a student section. In my parent section, I set up tasks (lessons) for him to complete. I choose which lesson I want him to complete on what day.

Once I click on "+ Add Task" it takes me to a screen where I have my choice of any of the lessons on this website. I chose "3rd grade" lessons and my topic choices are "Number, Patterns and Algebra, Measurement, Space and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability". There are diagnostic tests for each of the topics that you can have your child take so that you can know what they know in each specific topic. These are great because if they pass the diagnostic test, then they don't need to do those lessons. This means no wasted time doing lessons that they already know. They can just move on to other topics that they actually need to learn.

Our son has been asking me to be able to learn measurement, so that's where we started. I knew that he hasn't really gone over much measurement, so I didn't have him take the diagnostic. He just started in with the first lesson and went from there.

Here he is watching one of the videos. Each lesson has its own video to watch before completing the questions. These videos aren't very long, probably 3-6 minutes on average. The video completely walks the student through what they need to learn. The student sees movement on the screen, but only hears a man's voice (I think he's from Australia).

Once he completed watching the video, he moved on to the questions. This is the work part of the lesson. This is where he puts what he learned into practice. Everything is done online.

Cheers occur when the answer is correct!

I have made a short list of pros and cons below.


* Online

* Complete control over what lessons the student completes and when they complete it

* Each question graded immediately

* Visually appealing


* Standard system of measurement isn't covered

(only the Metric system)

* Some lessons have 30 questions and needed to be completed in a couple of days

Overall, we really like CTCMath. They offer a free trial as well as 60% off + 6 bonus months (ends November 15th) for all homeschoolers. Our third grader is learning a lot and likes to do his math now. We will definitely be continuing to use CTCMath for our third grader! Thank you CTCMath for making fun for our child.

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