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Super Teachers Worksheets Review

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Do you ever just need a worksheet for extra practice? Maybe your child needs just a little more practice with their multiplication tables or reading comprehension. You don't want to buy an entire workbook. You really don't need 50 pages of the same concept and you don't want to pay $20 for 1 workbook that you are going to finish. What do you do? You search the internet, right? You search and you search and you search some more. This takes time, energy, and you could be doing something more productive with your time (like eating a candy bar). This is where the Individual Membership from Super Teacher Worksheets comes in for the save.

I have seen Super Teacher Worksheets before. I have even used some of their free worksheets, but never really wanted to pay for a subscription. I mean what would be worth $19.95 a year?

Let me tell you - it is SO worth the $19.95! There is so much on this site that you can use with all of your children. There are worksheets for Math, Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Science, Reading and Writing, Phonics and Early Learning, Grammar, Social Studies, and Handwriting. Not to mention Holiday worksheets that include crafts and subject worksheets on cute holiday themed pages. There is even a Worksheet Generator. With the Worksheet Generator you can make your own Math worksheets geared directly to what your child needs, ABC order pages, flashcards, and puzzles like word searches or crossword puzzles. Does your child need some extra help with their Spelling words? Just whip up a word search by entering your child's Spelling words and voila! You have a one of a kind word search made especially for your child's needs.

We have used the multiplication worksheets, as well as Grammar, Reading Comprehension, and a Holiday craft and we have just scratched the surface of this website! There are so many worksheets that we will be able to use as our youngest, currently in 3rd grade, grows in his scholastic ability.

My confidence drops when it come to teaching Grammar. I know that I need help in teaching this so I quickly rushed to the Grammar portion of this site. I started him on some of the worksheets on Conjunctions. Before I started the worksheets, we, of course, watch "Conjunction Junction" by Schoolhouse Rock and then jumped right into the worksheets. They are so well written! The directions are clear and concise and he was easily able to understand them. We went over these pages together, but he was quickly able to combine sentences using conjunctions. Success!

We have used quite a bit of the Reading Comprehension pages, as well. I really like these because I could choose which level I felt like he was ready for. So, if your child is in 3rd grade, but reading at a 5th grade level, you would just choose the 5th grade section and choose from there. I chose for our 3rd grader to start with some poetry Reading Comprehension pages. He read the poem and then there were some questions for him to go through and answer. He gets overwhelmed when there is a lot of reading and/or questions. I felt as though the questions were spaced out nicely so he didn't feel overwhelmed and shut down before we even got started.

We don't do a lot of crafts, even though he loves them. So, I thought that it would be fun for him to do an Autumn craft. Here he is completing a scarecrow that I found. I love that there are actually directions on the page so he could complete it by himself.

Super Teacher Worksheets really gives you such a huge variety of worksheets that it would work for just about any homeschool. Whether you need a single worksheet here and there to complement the curriculum that you already have or you are in need of a more complex curriculum to help your child understand nouns, this is the website for you! At $19.95 a year for an Individual Membership, you really can't beat it!

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