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Brinkman Adventures Review

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We have thoroughly been enjoying listening to the Brinkman Adventures. We have been able to review the Brinkman Adventures Season 4. My boys and I listen to them as we are eating our breakfast and love learning and laughing along with the Brinkman family.

These episodes are about missionaries and are about 30 minutes each. As a parent, I appreciate that at the beginning of certain episodes they give a "parent warning" that some of the material may be scary to younger children and that they should have a parent listening with them. My eight year old didn't find any of it scary, but I really appreciated the warning.

The Brinkman Adventures Season 4 really opened the eyes of my two boys. They haven't ever been to another country and don't really understand what it's like for those living there. My husband and I have both been to Russia for a mission trip (2 weeks each). Our boys have heard our stories, but I don't think they truly understand what it's like for the people there, especially the christians. The Brinkman Adventures really helped them "see" what missionaries go through.

I have written a short summary of each episode so you know what they are all about.

1/1 - A Paradise Lost

They are at a Family Camp about missionaries. The main missionary can't make it until the last day. They have to change everything around so that they can keep the camp going for the people that were able to make it. Reminds me of running ministries and how you have to be flexible and be willing to change plans so that it works with the people you have.

1/2 - Remember Nhu

This is about the selling of children for work. My boys can't believe that it happens still in other countries.

1/3 - Aisha's Fear

A muslim husband is mean to his wife. They run a store. He refused to sell to the Christian doctors across the street. He gets sick and the doctor helps him as well as helps to keep their business going by having all of the doctors buy their goods there. They both convert to Christianity before he dies. She gets put in a pitch black prison and starts to sing to not be afraid. Changes the mind of the prison warden and he wants her to teach his whole family about Jesus.

2/1 - Heart Song

A man wants to teach his son about Jesus and ends up starting a church in his home. He gets arrested. He sings his "heart song" in the prison and shares the love of Jesus to everyone in the prison. Our oldest said "That's why God allowed him to go to prison, so that he can share Jesus with the prisoners and change their lives.

2/2 - The Crashed Kitchen

Aunt Sarah is in Zambia to teach children. A story was told about a king and his servant. They learn that God doesn't make mistakes. The children are not coming because the mothers saying she is telling lies and Sarah is discouraged. She crashes into a kitchen and ends up converts the man to Jesus and he is healed.

2/3 - Crisis in the Congo

They fly the powered parachute to get to a village in order to show a "Jesus Film". Daughter, Kate, concentrates on writing a blog post about the showing the film, but forgot to love people along the way.

3/1 - The Mysterious Palm Feller

They are still in the Congo. Palm trees are being pushed over. Witch doctors are trying to persuade the people to follow them instead of Jesus. Missionaries confront the witch doctors. They convert one of the witch doctors.

3/2 - War of the Raccoons

They wage a warn some raccoons, but Ian forgets to complete his responsibilities because he is doing other things. The lesson is "Let your yes be yes and no be no". This one was completely fiction. It was a nice break from the serious episodes.

3/3 - The Five Guys

They are now in Bangkok where all of the pastors are being arrested. They went there and taught 5 guys how to be Christians in a Muslim nation.

4/1 - Toughest Man

A solider was converted to be a Christian. He was arrested by his old unit, but was saved by a fellow soldier who also follows Jesus. Our oldest thought that this one sounded like the story of Paul. The lesson was to trust God to take care of your family.

4/2 - Cambodian Quest

They go and visit Nhu's House in Cambodia. We find out more about some of the girls at the home. One of the girls was there because her father owed a man some money, but they couldn't pay, so they sent her to Nhu's House to be protected. We learn how important it is for them to keep the Nhu's House quiet from the public. The cover picture represents this episode.

4/3 - What Brings Us Together

The Brinkmans are getting ready for Michelle and Anthony's wedding. It seems as though everything is going wrong. Anthony is an architect and he feels as though that isn't as "spiritual" as a missionary. He learns that whatever you do for a job, He will still use you for His glory.

I am so glad that we were able to listen to the Brinkman Adventures. The Brinkman Adventures Season 4 really helps us to see the world through the eyes of a missionary. Thank you Brinkman Adventures for guiding my boys to see how others live throughout the world.

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