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The Sounds of A-Z Alphabet Books - Grandma's Reading Corner

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Grandma Edie has been reading all sorts of books to get ready for this next Grandma's Reading Corner Book Series! She has read through the entire series of "The Sounds of" so that you all would have access to a book series that went through the entire alphabet - sound by sound! There are even separate videos for short and long vowel sounds!

There are so many alphabet activities that you can do with your child to help them learn it!

* Do a letter search! Use a box, laundry basket, or bag and go around your house collecting items that start with the letter you are learning. Better yet! Have your child do it with you!

* Make an ABC collage book. Have a piece of construction paper for each letter of the alphabet. Go through magazines and your child can cut out pictures that start with each letter and glue it on the corresponding page.

* Take a nature walk and talk about what letters items that you see start with.

* Go to Grandma's house and have your child find items in a different home that start with the letter you're learning about.

This is the page that you'll want to bookmark because I will be linking all of the posts to this one right here!

This series will last for most of the month of September.

To go along with each book there will be an activity to extend the book as well as word cards from the word list in the book. You can help your child read these words by playing games with them.

* Hide them around your house as a treasure hunt.

* Put them in a hat and have your child close their eyes and hand you the card. You can give them hints as to what the word is and they can guess.

* Make sentences with the words.

* Lay the cards on the floor to make a path and your child has to say each one before going to the next one. At the end of the path, have a surprise!

Here is the list of books of alphabet books:

1 - Cats: The Sound of Short A

Play Day: The Sound of Long A

2 - I Like Bugs: The Sound of B

3 - The Cabin: The Sound of C

4 - Dogs: The Sound of D

5 - Ten Pets: The Sound of Short E

What a Week: The Sound of Long E

6 - Four Fish: The Sound of F

7 - Gifts for Gus: The Sound of G

8 - Hats Can Help: The Sound of H

9 - Little Bit: The Sound of Short I

Smiles: The Sound of Long I

10 - Jump! The Sound of J

11 - Kids: The Sound of K

12 - Left: The Sound of L

13 - Malls: The Sound of M

14 - Naps: The Sound of N

15 - Hot Pot: The Sound of Short O

On the Boat: The Sound of Long O

16 - A Pet: The Sound of P

17 - Quack: The Sound of Q

18 - Red Ribbons: The Sound of R

19 - Sam: The Sound of S

20 - Task Time: The Sound of T

21 - Fun! The Sound of Short U

Cute! The Sound of Long U

22 - Vets: The Sound of V

23 - Wish and Win: The Sound of W

24 - Boxes for Max: The Sound of X

25 - Yum! The Sound of Y

26 - ZigZag: The Sound of Z

27 - Can You Find ABC?

Grandma Edie and I hope that you all just love this series!

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