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Everyday Homemaking Review

Am I the only one that think that their children can't see the things that need to be cleaned up, picked up, or put away around your house? I just can't be the only one! Is it that they see it, but just don't want to do it or do they really don't see what needs to get done around here? I really hope that it's the 2nd one. I choose to think that they just don't see it (that way I can sleep at night). We've done chore charts before and they work well, but then I lose interest and so, of course, my boys do, too. We moved a couple of months ago and I hadn't put together a chore system for the house (we moved from an apartment and things ran differently there). Then The Everyday Family Chore System came along from Everyday Homemaking!

I really didn't think that there was going to be much there except some chore ideas and ways to have your kids help around the house. To be honest, I've always had them help out. I used to have each one follow me around when I was working around the home and they would help where and when they could. They actually thought it was fun (I wish that attitude would have stayed). They would help me do the laundry, dust, and straighten the house. Now that they are older, my boys do their own laundry (8 and 13 year olds), clean their rooms, clean their bathroom, and do the dishwasher. My husband and I have always felt that it was our responsibility to make sure that they could function on their own and could run their own home. My problem isn't that they didn't know how to do these things. My problem is that it has always weighed heavily on me to make sure that they do them and do them with excellence. I get tired of having to remember every little thing. My brain just can't handle it.

So in comes The Everyday Family Chore System by Everyday Homemaking. She really brought everything that we were already doing to the next level! The beginning of the book goes through the reasoning and rationale behind using this system. She should know what she's talking about because she has fostered many children as well as raised her own. She gives tips and ideas on how this system can work with your own family. She doesn't tell you exactly what to do because that wouldn't work. Every family is different with a different number of children at different ages and abilities.

So here's what I did. I printed out the chore cards that came with the book and laminated them. I actually made two sets - one for each boy. There are more than what I needed because she thought of just about everything.

Then I put together a chore chart for each of the boys. I used one of the ideas in the book about using clothespins that I got at the dollar store nearby.

The left side are chores that need to be done daily, while the ones on the right are chores that need to be done weekly. This was the first week's chore list. It's small - I know, but if I would have come at them with a huge list - there would have been a revolt. It's not like they're not already doing these things anyways. I'm just putting the responsibility back onto them instead of everything being on me. Each week I added more chores to their lists.

Something else that we started because of The Everyday Family Chore System is giving an allowance. We have always felt that they needed to do their chores because they live in this house and need to participate in taking care of it. We still believe that. They are getting older now, though, and they would like to be earning some extra money. So, I chatted with my husband and he was all for it. Here's what I came up with - from the book's ideas. They receive points for doing their daily chores, their weekly chores, and working hard and have a good attitude during homeschooling. For each point, they receive $.10 (I know that it's not a lot, but we don't really have a lot of extra money, so some is better than nothing). They will get paid every 2 weeks. I made a chart so that I can keep track of everything. Click below if you'd like to use it, too.

It's really been working great! In the mornings, all I have to say is, "Okay, boys. It's time to start our morning." and they do their chores. Wow! I check with them during breakfast and they get their points. They have been working harder in school now that there is something in it for them (other than the learning, of course). Not that every day has been rainbows and roses, but I have noticed a small difference.

Here's a picture of our 8 year old finishing up after sweeping the kitchen floor. Listen to what he told me the other day, "Mom, I think that it's good to do chores. Not just for the money, but for me and also for the house." You'd think that they hadn't ever done chores around here or something. This system has brought more awareness to my eyes, though, which has been seen by my boys.

Here's what my 13 year old son made us for dinner last night! This is another thing that I started because of The Everyday Family Chore System. She suggested that they children should learn how to cook. They already were making their own lunches and breakfasts. I now have our helper of the week assist me with dinner every night. I also had each boy choose a meal that he would like to learn how to make on his own. Our 13 year old chose tacos and so I had been working with him on how to make them for the past few weeks. Cut to last night. I hadn't been feeling well all day. Our 13 year old was helper of the week and tacos was on the menu. He told me that he would make them and I could relax. What?! I questioned him and his answer was, "Well, that's why you've been teaching me, right?" He had a couple of questions that I answered, but for the most part, he made it by himself. He was so proud! So was I. It was delicious! He shredded the cheese using our Kitchenmaid shredder, cut the tomatoes by himself, and cooked and seasoned the meat. It was great!

Everyday Homemaking has offered all of you wonderful readers a 10% discount off your order for The Everyday Family Chore System and/or Everyday Cooking! Hurry now as this offer will only last until Labor Day! Just add your item(s) to your cart and add the coupon code TOS10books!

So I want to thank The Everyday Family Chore System by Everyday Homemaking for giving me the confidence and the push to take our boys to the next level in taking care of a home and the family within it!

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