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Back to School Blog Hop - Day 2 School Supplies: What Can We Not Live Without

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Am I the only one who LOVES when all of the stores get their new school supplies in stock? I could just go crazy spending gobs of money on all of the colorful new supplies with the hope that all of those new things will make our homeschool run smoothly.

Unfortunately, that's not the case. Having the right school supplies WILL indeed cause your schooling to go smoothly (I mean, how can you cut and glue something without scissors and a glue stick?), but having too many supplies will cause just the opposite.

Here is a list of the supplies that I make sure that we have for every school year.


How are you to do any work with pencils?

Pencil Sharpener

If you have pencils, you must have a pencil sharpener. We have been searching for years for a good electronic pencil sharpener and they just haven't lasted. My mom bought us this one and we just LOVE IT!


I tend to go towards spiral notebooks versus loose-leaf paper just due to the organization of it all. They can have separate note books for each subject.

Glue Sticks

Glue Sticks are a must in this household! We only use liquid glue if we need it as an ingredient for a science project. I just love the convenience of glue sticks. Be aware! Not all glue sticks are created equal. I have purchased a generic brand from the dollar store and they didn't actually stick anything together. Go for the gold and buy Elmers!

Colored Pencils

When the boys were younger, we would get them crayons. Now that they are older, they ask for colored pencils. I've gotten the cheap kind in past years, but the colors just aren't as bright. I splurge and buy the Crayola brand.

Computer & Internet Service

I lesson plan online, we have online subscriptions, I scour the internet for free resources and ideas, etc. The boys have learned typing, computer skills, researching online skills, etc. all with the computer and internet service. I'm not sure how we would homeschool without them!

While we are talking about school supplies, I think that we also need to talk about how to keep said supplies organized. Organized supplies will get used and will enhance your school, while disorganization causes more stress. Who needs more stress?

We do the bulk of our school at the kitchen table. We have tried various homeschooling areas and this works for us as our boys are older. Since we are in the kitchen area, I want to keep our supplies close so they aren't going back and forth getting whatever they need for the next lesson. Here is a picture of how we keep our school supplies and curriculum organized.

This system has been working great! It just sits in the corner of our kitchen - out of the way. I love the organizers that my mom bought for us from Hobby Lobby! I wanted something to put the supplies in so that I wasn't looking at school things ALL DAY LONG! You know, I love teaching our boys, but everyone needs a break!

I can't wait to read about what all of the rest of the Homeschool Review Crew use for school supplies! Click on the picture above to go to the Homeschool Review Crew Blog or below to read any of the posts from our wonderful Review Crew Members.

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