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What Curriculum Are We Using This Year?

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Wow! Can you believe that we are starting another school year already? Where did the time go? This year we have an 8th grader and a 3rd grader.

It seems as though we just started homeschooling our oldest and now I am putting together his 8th grade year! Yikes! He's going to be in high school next year and I am looking at college admission requirements so that I can make sure that I set up his high school to meet them. It's a little bit scary to tell you the truth.

8th grade Curriculum


No-Nonsense Algebra (counting as Algebra 1 for high school credit.

Click here to read our review of this great math curriculum.


America the Beautiful by Notgrass.com

(we started this last year and intend to finish it this year)


Benjamin Franklin Writing Method by SchoolHouseTeachers.com.

This is a FREE class that is included in our annual membership.

To check out SchoolHouseTeachers, check out my review HERE.

To look into your own annual membership click HERE.


Life Science by SchoolHouseTeachers.com.

This is also included for FREE with our annual subscription.


Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! Level 3 (and possibly 4) by Greek 'n' Stuff.

To read our review, click HERE.


Wanting to really give him the information and help that he needs to own his faith, we will be working through the following books by Jack Cottrell:

13 Lessons on Grace

His Truth: Scriptural Truths About Basic Doctrines

Faith's Fundamentals: Seven Essentials of Christian Belief

The Holy Spirit: A Biblical Study


Analytical Grammar Season 3. He completed Seasons 1 & 2 last year so this will complete the book for him.


In order to prepare him for books that he will need to read for high school, he is reading a book a month. I have put together a list of books that he can choose from. He chooses a book to read each month. Then he completes a project of his choosing that best represents the book. He will then complete an oral book report describing the book and displaying the project that he completed.

3rd Grade Curriculum


We do not have a set curriculum for Math in 3rd grade. There are so many resources online that I can get for free in order to piece together what he needs to learn this year. He will be working through multiplication, division, fractions, measurement, time, and money.


He listens along with his brother to America the Beautiful by Notgrass.com.


USA Activity Bundle by The Crafty Classroom

I like to have our boys learn about the United States starting in the 3rd grade, so this came at a great time! To check out our review, click HERE.

Let's Go Geography Year 1

This is widen his view of the world around him geographically. We are working through this right now for the Homeschool Review Crew. Once our review is complete, I'll link it up here!


Sequential Spelling Level 1

I love how this really works through the spelling of the English language using word parts.


English on a Roll

If you want to read our review of this product, click HERE.


Inventors by A Journey Through Learning

We are working through this right now for the Homeschool Review Crew. Once our review is complete, I'll link it up here!

A World of Animals by SchoolHouseTeachers.com

He loves animals and wants to learn more about them. This is a FREE class included in our annual membership.


What's the Bible All About

I love this book! I used it with our oldest and now it is our youngest's turn. It goes through each book of the Bible and gives so much information, including: author, location in the Bible, main characters, and then a summary of the entire book.



This will be a "hit and miss" sort of thing for us this year as he has so much else that he's working through. I'm going to really try to fit it in as he wants to learn it.

To check out our review of this, click HERE.

So along with all of the wonderful review items that we will be blessed with reviewing this upcoming year, this is what our two boys will be working through this year. What about you? What are your children learning this year? Comment below!


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