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Greek 'n' Stuff - Level 3 Set Review

Our 13 year old has been very interested in everything Greek lately. Greek mythology, ancient Greece culture, as well as the Greek language. Thankfully, we were able to review Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! - Level 3 Set by Greek 'n' Stuff. It couldn't have come at a better time.

Many years ago, when he was about 8 or so, we started him on Level 1 because my husband wanted our boys to learn Greek so that they would be able to read the original language of most of the New Testament in the Bible. He learned the alphabet at that time and that was about it before we had to stop. Not that it wasn't interesting! Not at all! He wanted to learn it. I just didn't have the time to teach him - what with a toddler hanging around.

Skip ahead to years later when he was ready to actually pursue learning the Greek language on his own. That made such a HUGE difference! He couldn't wait to get his hands on it when it came in the mail.

Here are a couple of pictures of him looking through it after we got it in the mail. We had picked up the mail on the way over to my parents house. He just had to bring it in to their house, open up the box, and start devouring all of the information. He was really happy to be able to go through all of it.

As you can see in the picture, the set included 2 books: student workbook and teacher's answer guide. It also included a pronunciation CD. All of these items are extremely important to the success of learning Greek through this method.

The student workbook is what he worked through, obviously. This is where he did all of his writing, It's not just writing of the Greek words, though. This isn't anything like when I had to take a foreign language (I took Spanish in high school). They make learning Greek fun. They include matching games, puzzles, and dot-to-dot pages to aide in the acquisition of the Greek language. It starts with the alphabet and then quickly moves on to words and phrases. He really likes it now that he is working through the differences in word endings based on who is saying it, how many it is talking about, and where it is in the sentence. There are even flashcards in the back of the book so that he can practice the words daily.

Here is a sample of the work that your child will be able to do as they work through this great book.

I love that this is Christian-based. I mean look above! They learn the word apostles pretty early on in the curriculum. He has also learned the word for slave/servant, men, sons, brothers, teach, see, write, along with many others. They put the words together into phrases and sentences early on, which I think is great, because it really makes him feel as though he is able to say something as a whole and not just random words.

The teacher's answer guide is just that - an answer guide. But, it has more than just the answers to the student workbook. They have included some teaching guides to help in the learning. I truly appreciate the answer guide because I am not learning the Greek language alongside my 13 year old. I mean "it's all Greek to me"! Sorry, I had to say it at least once, right? This helps me to stay involved in his learning without having to learn it myself. Though in a perfect world, I would love to learn it myself. Our 3rd grader needs a lot of guidance right now and so I use my time with him while our 13 year old is working on his own with Greek 'n' Stuff.

Then there's the pronunciation CD. This really is nice because learning a language has multiple parts: reading, writing, and speaking. The workbook helps with the reading and the writing, while the CD helps with the speaking. They have included an audio CD of the Greek words that your child will be learning. Hearing the language helps so much!

Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! - Level 3 Set really spurred on our 13 year old to dive into the Greek language. He has taken his learning of this incredible language as his own. I am so impressed with how much he has learning so far! He is writing full sentences as well as interpreting them. He is really understanding the Greek language! I love it! He even downloaded an English to Greek translator app on his phone so that he could look up specific words and phrases that he wanted to learn. Any curriculum that inspires a 13 year old boy to want to learn more about a foreign language on his own, really has to be a great curriculum! We will definitely be moving on through the other books by Greek 'n' Stuff so that he can continue his foreign language acquisition!

There were many of us on the Homeschool Review Crew that reviewed this curriculum along with others! Click on this picture and check out what others had to say!

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