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When You Think They Don't Care

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I have to tell you - last week was a hard one as it came to parenting. I don't want to go into details here, but sometimes having a teenager is really hard. I did say "sometimes" because other times it's a great joy to see the wonderful young man that he is becoming.

Then Tuesday came (cue the Darth Vader theme song here). It was non-stop from the moment he woke up (at 7am) to the moment he finally fell asleep (around 11pm). There was no half-time or even break. I did get support once my husband came home from work. I tagged him in immediately!

We all survived Tuesday, barely, and then the rest of the week seemed normal. My brother came into town late Tuesday evening and we were able to see him Thursday. Our teenager wanted to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house to spend more time with his uncle. That was great that he was able to do that now that we live close.

Then everyone got together for dinner Friday night over at my parents' house. We went a little early so that I could help my mom with anything she needed. We all enjoyed our time together. We were gathering all of our things when my son hands me a white plastic bag and said, "I got these for you." You see, my brother took his girls and my boy out for pizza Thursday night. He won some tickets from playing games and, instead of getting himself something, he spent his tickets on getting me some candy (because he knows how much his mom likes candy!). He even put them in the fridge because he said, "Mom likes cold chocolate."

Wow! I'm still blown away at the thoughtfulness. Even after I swore he hated me because of Tuesday, he thought of me to get me something with the tickets that he won. He didn't have to. No one made him or even mentioned something to him that it would be nice to get your mom something. He thought of it on his own accord to do that for me.

I have to tell you. That candy is the best tasting candy that I think I have ever had because my boy got it for me. I'll be keeping the bag, too, so when the next "Tuesday" happens, I can remember that he still cares.

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