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Learning While Moving

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We've all been busy around here lately! Both my family as well as Grandma Edie and Grandpa Ed have moved within the last month. So between all of the paperwork, painting, cleaning, packing, unpacking, and moving boxes and furniture, we've been packed - our schedule, that is. LOL!

Seriously, though, it seems as though we are just now getting back to normal. We still have a few things left at our apartment and some cleaning to do there, but for the most part, we're done. Now I'm working on a new adventure, that, if it all works out, I'll share with you all. But for now, that is taking extra brain power for me right now, so it feels like things are different again. It'll be a great thing for us, but going through the process is always difficult.

So, what have we been doing in terms of school? Not much. Since I am a part of the Homeschool Review Crew, we have a few products that we are working through, but other than that, not much. Now, learning? A LOT! I see school and learning as connected, but separate. There is definite learning happening during school, but learning is happening all of the time.

Here's what the boys have been learning throughout all of the moving and change:

The Process

Not many kids go through this, so I feel as though going through it helps them for when they have to do it later in life.


Sometimes we are on someone else's timeline. Not naming anyone, but, cough cough...the loan and title companies. No comment. Patience is essential during a move. They have had to be patient with not knowing all that was going on, patient when mom is going crazy, and patient with not being able to do what they want.


Our 12 year old (he'll be 13 in a couple of weeks - YIKES!) really was a gigantic help because he has gotten so much stronger this year. They both were a huge help with carrying things to the cars and into the houses. Lots of PE happening this month!


We painted our entire house (inside). Grandma Edie and Grandpa Ed were essential in getting this done in a timely manner. The boys were able to pick the color of one wall in their rooms and help paint our home. I'm not a huge fan of painting, but I love it now that it's done!I was so thankful for all of the help! It would have taken me five time longer if I had to do it all myself.

Random Schedule

I am a routine person. I try to keep somewhat of the same schedule because that helps me stay sane. My children are routine people. Moving changes that routine. They (and I) have dad to deal with being out of routine and making life work in a new place.

Work Around the House

They have learned how to take off old doorknobs and how to put on new ones, how to take off and put back on switch plates, putting beds together, etc.

There has been a lot of learning going on lately and it's not going to stop. I really believe that everything in life is learning - you just have to look for it sometimes.

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