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Whistlefritz Review

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Hola Amigos! Our 7 year old (now 8 year old) was so excited when I told him that we were able to review this Educator's Spanish Collection by Whistlefritz! He had been asking to learn Spanish just a couple of weeks before that, so I knew that this would be perfect for him! This program has DVDs to watch, CDs to listen to, memory matching cards, and a lesson plan book to guide you and your children in the journey to learn Spanish.

Here he is on the day that the Whistlefritz. I was sick that day and laying in bed (you can see my bedspread there), so I wasn't going to open the box until I was feeling better, but he couldn't wait. He started grabbing everything out of the box and just couldn't wait to start.

So, of course, he had to start watching one of the DVDs right away (notice the open box sitting right next to him). To be honest, I don't think that it's what he expected. Whistlefritz is a language immersion program. What that means is that they only speak Spanish in the videos. There is no English what-so-ever. That surprised him. He was a little overwhelmed at first. He said, "Mom. I don't know what they're saying." I told him to just watch what they are doing as well as listening to what they are saying and that seemed to work. They started to go over the colors and he really was catching on.

I was sitting there watching the DVD with him and all of those Spanish classes that I took in high school and college all came back to me (I guess I did learn something). But, the method that Whistlefritz uses is so much better than what I went through. They combine the learning styles in order for each child to learn. Like I said before, there are videos to watch, but that's not all. Look below.

Here is one of the first activities in the lesson plan book. He was supposed to make puppets, but we used a couple of his favorite stuffed animals to do the activity. We made three index cards: one with a smiley face, one with a straight face, and another one with a sad face. He was to have a conversation between the two animals and he really enjoyed doing it. The lesson plans are great! They tell you what to say and what to have your child say. They give you activities to do with your child and walk you through how to teach your child Spanish.

Here he is practicing his colors. We decided to make cards of the color with the color name written in Spanish. I hid them around the living room and then he found them - by the way, he loves that game. When he found a card, he had to say the color name in Spanish. Once he found all of the cards, I "quizzed" him on the colors and he did really well.

He is picking up Spanish really quickly. He wants to try to speak it as much as he can. He was thrilled the morning that he could say all on his own, "Buenas Diaz. Como Estas?" To be honest, it took me off guard. It was fabulous!

The Educator's Spanish Collection by Whistlefritz really gave him the confidence to speak Spanish! He wants to continue to learn more and more. I can see that we will be using Whistlefritz for a long while to come.

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