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Work with Delight

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You know how funny this is? When I set this list up for what to focus on during each month, it was at the beginning of the year, you know, before I knew what was going to be happening throughout the year. Well, guess what the focus is for June? (if you didn't know, you could look at the title picture above)

That's right! This month's focus is on "Work with Delight". You're so smart! All kidding aside, I really think this is funny because what is going on right now in our lives as well as what is going to be happening throughout this month of June.

My parents are moving. So we will be helping them get settled into their new home. I like helping out and working with them in order to make the house a home. I am so glad that we are here now and can help them with whatever they need help with.

Guess what? We are ALSO moving this month so we will be fixing things up, painting, carpeting, updating the kitchen, etc. before we move in and then we are planning on moving in by the end of the month.

Funny right? I did not know at the beginning of the year that we both were going to be moving around the same time and I definitely didn't know that I would need to be reminded to work with delight.

This verse is taken from the "Proverbs 31 Woman" section of the Bible. She's not actually called the "Proverbs 31 Woman" in the Bible, but this is just what we all have called her. She's not even a real woman. This is what the mother of King Lemuel taught her son. It is an ideal for a woman to live up to.

When I read this verse I often say to myself, "Well, I work with delight..." But, then I have to complete the thought with, "sometimes." I'm sure that's not what is meant here. I'm sure that it means that we need to consistently work with delight. Do I do that? Not so much.

Ok, so how do I consistently have a delightful attitude while trying to get so much done? Personally, I need to be patient and enjoy the journey. When I get in a rush, and I try to stay on "MY" plan, I get impatient and I then forget to work with delight. I often forget that the journey of working is sometimes better than the end.

For example, each Friday our younger son and I go grocery shopping. I have put together a list and figured out the path in which to take to get done the quickest. I like to grocery shop, but while we're out, I remember about all of the things that I could be doing at home instead of grocery shopping. WRONG! I enjoy being with him and this is OUR time to be together without big brother being there. Sometimes I get in a rush and am tired of walking around each store, so I try to take over just to get done.

That is not working with delight. I do try to remember to just enjoy being with my son and I've been better about this lately, but I still need some work.

Now, on to what we will be doing in June. Moving. Moving is work - hard work. It's difficult physically, but also emotionally and mentally. There are so many papers to sign, money to gather, boxes to pack, etc. It is draining! I know that I will start to get in a rush to try to just get it done.

That's not going to work. What I need to remember is that this process of moving can be a horrible experience for everyone or it could be a family bonding time. It really is the attitude of everyone involved. Can I control everyone's attitude? Of course not, but I can control mine.

Instead of rushing around like a chicken with its head chopped off, I can take my time and remember the people that are around me. My words can be pleasant instead of harsh.

I also need to keep what James said in mind.

So, in order to work with delight I need to remember how I speak to others as well as how I treat others. I sometimes (ahem, probably more than just sometimes) have a problem with how my kids do things. You know the saying, "It's just easier to do it myself". While that may be true for the immediate time frame, but that's not true for the future. If I don't take the time to teach my kids how to do certain things, then I am doing them a disservice.

We will be doing a lot of new things while helping my parents move, but also while we are getting our new home ready, and then moving in ourselves. We will be carrying and packing boxes into cars and the truck. We will be fixing things and painting walls. There will be many teachable moments in our near future that I need to make sure that my eyes are open for. This could be a horrible time for them (which in turn would be a bad time for us all) or I could try to make this a good opportunity of service and learning.

Can I control their response to things? Nope. But I can do my best to make sure that I'm speaking in a respectful tone and having patience while trying to teach them new skills.

What do you need to do in order to work with delight? I'd love to hear about them! Just comment below or email me at info@homeschool4life.org.

Thanks for reading!

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