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Planet 316's Daily Bible Jigsaw App Review

One of my favorite ways to relax during the day is to play games on my phone, so this review for Planet 316's Daily Bible Jigsaw was great! This is a free app available for various platforms so this is actually for everyone - well everyone with a smartphone or computer, that is.

Do you like to work on jigsaw puzzles? Do you like to read encouraging Bible verses? Then this game is for you! Here's how it works: you get a FREE puzzle every day. You complete it and when you are finished with the puzzle, it turns into an encouraging Bible verse for you! When you complete the puzzle, that piece is added to the month puzzle that will show a picture once you've completed every puzzle for that month.

It's really a great twist on the age-old love of jigsaw puzzles!

There are bonuses as well! Within each puzzle, there is a secret "power piece" that if you connect it to any other piece, you receive a bonus coin. Now, these coins are important for a couple of reasons: 1) If you miss a day, you can "purchase" that day's puzzle with 3 coins & 2) You can "purchase" various "helps" to help you finish the puzzle, if you are stuck.

The helps are great, too! Here are what they are and what they each do:


When you start any puzzle the pieces are here - there - and everywhere - and turned very which way, just like if you just poured the pieces of the puzzle out onto the table from the box. If you use the Rotate tool, then the game turns all of your pieces so that they are all facing the right way.


Gives you a sneak peek at what the completed picture will look like. It's like being able to look at the picture on the box as you work on the puzzle.


This tool moves all of the pieces out of the working area in the middle of the screen. Great for saving time!


This does just as the name suggests. It connects two pieces together for you.


I love this one as it gets rid of the middle pieces and just leaves you with the edges, which is where I always start working on a puzzle. Once you have completed the edge, it brings back the middle pieces for you.

Each of these tools "costs" coins that you have earned or purchased. You can even use multiple tools on the same puzzle.

I have a little personal story to tell you about that has to do with this game. So, we have been trying to purchase our own home recently. We have been having one struggle after another. We have had financing, then didn't have financing, then financing again. We have driven what seems like a thousand miles driving neighborhoods and driving by potential house, being disappointed most of the time. We have put a contract on a house, just to lose it. We were about to put a contract on another home, just to find out that it was just taken that same day.

So, last night we were waiting to find out if our offer was accepted for the 3rd house that we tried for. I couldn't work. I couldn't write. I couldn't function. I needed encouragement and something to get my mind off of the waiting. I remembered about the Daily Bible Jigsaw and decided to play. I played that day's puzzle and then waited to work on a couple puzzles that I had missed through the month.

Here are a couple of the Bible verse that were pictured:

God has a sense of humor, right. God's Word was able to speak to me through this simple, but extremely fun, game. If that's not a reason to download this free game, then I don't know what is. Go download Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316 today!

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