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Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” Review

We have thoroughly enjoyed Drive Thru History®“The Gospels” this Easter season. This is such a great DVD series that "drives" us through the life of Jesus.

To be honest, my boys don't get excited or even ask for any sort of school usually. NOT SO with Drive Thru History®“The Gospels”! They looked forward to this each and every morning of school. After we were finished watching the first episode and went through the discussion questions, they asked if we could watch another episode. WHAT?! Of course we did! I love that this really connected with both of my boys at their own levels (7th grade and 2nd grade) and they both really enjoyed watching all of the episodes. We ended up eating breakfast in the Living Room while we watched our daily dose of Dave Stotts and Drive Thru History®“The Gospels”. It turned out to be a great start of our schooling day! They want to get some more DVDs of Drive Thru History® to start watching. SUCCESS!!

Here's what you get when you purchase Drive Thru History®“The Gospels”:

I love that it all comes in a compact case so that I don't have to keep track of DVDs as well as a study guide. There are 3 DVDs with 6 episodes on each, which equals eighteen 30 minute episodes that lead us from a summary of the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John as well as "The Historical Landscape" of Jesus' ministry through "The Resurrection of Jesus" and a summary of "Who is Jesus?"

Dave Stotts drives us in his beat up old vehicle through the lands of where Jesus went. Our boys really enjoyed his humor and candor about what he was going through. Their favorite is when he cooked a meal on the engine of his vehicle. He talks as though you were just having a conversation with him and not being taught a lesson. It was very conversational for our boys and they really enjoyed it.

Even though it is enjoyable to watch, it is also filled with a ton of information. Enjoyable and educational? WIN! Dave Stotts really gives so much information from places that people went, places where they think some of the events happened, background information, and historical information. As Dave is talking, the screen is filled with Bible verses, art pictures, and real life tours of what these places look like now.

After you watch each episode, you move into the discussion booklet. This includes a summary of each episode, discussion questions, Bible readings, and a "side road" where they talk about a "side note" about something in the episode. The discussion questions don't have answers because they are there just to provide a starting point for a discussion about the episode. I love that there are Bible readings included so that my kids could read about these events for themselves from the Bible itself.

This series came at a great time of the year, Easter time! We were watching episodes that lead up to the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus as we were celebrating it now. It really made this Easter more meaningful because they had a deeper understanding about what happened, where all of these events happened, and what Jesus actually went through. The episode of the crucifixion Jesus really helped them to see what Jesus went through in order to save them! Powerful!

I highly recommend Drive Thru History®“The Gospels” for any family, homeschooling or not, who wants to dig deeper into the life of Jesus Christ, our Savior.

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