• Grandma Edie and Felicia Mollohan

The Little Red Hen - Grandma's Reading Corner + Gluten Free Corn Bread Recipe

Little Red Hen wants to bake some bread - but she needs some help. She keeps trying to get her friends to help her, but everyone is just too busy to do anything - until - the bread is done. They are all more than happy to help her eat it. Some familiar? (affiliate links are used)

This sounds like my kids, wanting all of the benefits, but not contributing to any of the work. Click here to see how we work with this problem at our house.

Click below to watch Grandma read this great book to your kids!

Click on the picture below to purchase this cute book to have in your own family library.

We love to make corn bread at our house, especially when we make spaghetti. We thought that you might like to have our Easy Cornbread Recipe to make with your own family after you listen to Grandma read The Little Red Hen. Make sure that you have all of your little helpers help you so that they can all have a bite when it's all done.

They're not going to want to miss this!

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