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3-Leaf Clover ABC Match File Folder Game

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, so I thought this would be a fun activity. All you need is to print out the document below, a file folder, scissors, a stapler, an envelope, and tape. Optional supplies would be a laminator and velcro. If you aren't going to laminate the pages, I would suggest printing everything on card stock.

Click on the picture to print:

Then you just need to put together your file folder game.

1) If you want to laminate your game, laminate all of the pages of the printout now.

2) Tape the capital letter pages to the inside of the file folder.

3) Staple the envelope to the backside of the file folder - making sure that you staple it so that it can still open.

4) Cut out the lower case letters into squares or around each clover.

5) Put all of the lower case letters into the envelope.

That's it! Now your kids can pull out the lower case letters and match them to their capital letter counterparts.

If you want an optional way to put your file folder together, look below:

1) After you laminate all of the pages, cut out all of the letters, capital and lower case.

2) Tape all of the capital letters to the file folder.

3) Attach small pieces of velcro to the top of each of the capital letters.

4) Attach the other side of the velcro to the underside of the lower case letters.

5) Now when your children match the letters, they will connect and will not fall off as easy.

This way is great for bringing this activity on the road.

This post is part of a St. Patrick's Day Link Up at Homeschool Coffee Break. Go check it out by clicking the picture below!


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