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Tissue Paper Heart

Here is our #4 activity in our 14 Days of Valentine Activities

This activity is a lot of fun. Actually, there are 2 activities to choose from. Do one or both!

For both activities, you will need to prepare the tissue paper. Here are the steps for that:

1) Unfold your tissue paper, but leave it stacked together because that means less cutting.

2) Cut the tissue into strips. You don't need to use all of the tissue paper. It doesn't take much for this project.

3) Now just cut the strips into pieces. Don't make them too small. No need to worry about making them the same size.

Ok - now that you have your tissue paper ready. Now you need to print your heart shape. Click on the picture below to print.

Tissue Paper Heart - Project #1

1) Get your glue ready. I used a part of an egg carton and a Q-tip. You can use whatever you'd like. A glue stick would probably even work.

2) Spread a thin layer of glue in a small area and lay pieces of the cut tissue paper onto the glue.

3) Cover the entire heart with tissue paper. It's okay if you go over the line. You're going to cut it once it dries.

4) Once it dries, cut out the heart and you're done! Isn't it cute?

Tissue Paper Heart #2

1) Get your tissue paper pieces, glue, and a pencil ready.

2) Put one piece of tissue paper on the table and put your pencil eraser on top of it (see picture above).

3) Wrap the tissue paper piece around the eraser.

4) Spread a little glue on your heart and stick the tissue paper onto the glue using the eraser to have it stand up.

5) We decided to just fill the outside so that we could write a message in the middle, but you could fill the entire heart if you want.

So, there you are! 2 Tissue Paper Heart Activities for part of our 14 Days of Valentine Activities. (affiliate links are used)

Have fun!

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