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Fire Safety Resources

Teaching fire safety to our children is so important. They need to learn about smoke detectors, fire alarms, having an escape plan, what to do if there's a fire, etc. in order to be safe. So I have put together this list of resources for you to go through to find information and materials to use with your children.

* Call your local fire department and ask for a tour. Children are curious about fire fighters and what they do. Take advantage of that and take them to the fire department to learn from a real fire fighter.

* sparky.org - This website has some great resources! There are parent resources & teaching lessons to use. There are materials to print, lessons to teach, games to play, and apps to download.

* safekids.org - This has a smoke detector checklist to print along with a lot of other resources to use.

* fema.gov - Fema has a downloadable activity book along with some other printable brochures.

* redcross.org - The Red Cross has some resources to print out on their website, including a home escape planning sheet and candle safety facts.

* Fire Safety Timeline

* Fire Prevention Week Resources

* Home Fire Safety Information

* Family Fire Extinguisher Safety

As we continue to find more resources for you, we'll add them.

We have even put together a Pinterest board on our Pinterest page because there are so many great ideas on there. Come and follow us at Homeschool 4 Life on Pinterest!

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