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Smarter with Money

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This month's focus is to be Smarter with Money. This one's tricky because I think that we are already pretty good about our money. I work off of a budget for groceries and we pay our bills each month. There is always room for improvement, though. There's always room for teaching as well.

That's where I'm going to start - teaching. My boys know about money. Our 13 year old got some money for his birthday and wanted to buy cards with it. We took him to the store after church on his birthday so that he could get his cards. We stood there with him as he figured out what packages he could get and how many cards he could get for his money. He figured out which packages would give him the most cards for his money. I was so proud!

She considers a field and buys it;

From her earnings she plants a vineyard.

Proverbs 31:16

Something that went along with July's focus (smarter with food), I had each boy choose one meal for me to teach him how to cook. They know the basics, but it's time for them to know how to make entire meals. To coordinate with that, I will have them budget out their meal and make sure that we have all of the ingredients needed for them to make their meal of the week. I want to teach them how to look in the pantry and refrigerator for ingredients that we already have in order to save money on our grocery budget.

Last week, we stopped by the mailbox on our way out for the afternoon and the grocery ads were in the mail that day. Our 8 year old sat in the backseat looking through the ads telling me all of the good deals that the stores had this week. I'm sure that it was a sight for other cars passing by! LOL! He goes grocery shopping with me each week so that I can teach him how to look for deals and what it takes to get all of the groceries for the family for the week.

Groceries is a way that we can be smarter with money. We can make more snacks, instead of buying them, and we can eat for fruit and veggies for snacks (much cheaper AND healthier than processed food). We also need to watch our internet usage as we will start getting charged if we go over the amount allowed. Along with that is our data usage on our phones. We need to limit what we are doing and when we are doing it. Electricity, water, and gas usage all need to be monitored.

I want to make sure that we are monitoring all of our usage, without going crazy!

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