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911 Coloring Sheet & Activity

Our book today, Let's Meet a Police Officer, is all about what a police officer does and how their job is essential to keep our communities safe.

One thing that our children need to understand is what to do in case of an emergency. We need to teach them to dial 911 if there is an emergency. On our smart phones now, most phones are locked and need a password. We need to teach our children that there is an emergency button to push and that will allow them to dial 911.

But, what is an emergency?

There's where the activity comes in. First of all, you need to print out the picture of the phone below. There are two phones on each page and card stock would work best.

Next, place the phone on one side of the room while you have your child(ren) stand in the middle of the room. State different scenarios that might happen with your children. After each scenario is stated, your child(ren) has to decide if it is an emergency or not. If it is an emergency, they have to run over to the "phone" and dial "911" on it. You can even have them practice talking to the emergency operator and have a pretend conversation. For example:

you - "911 Operator. Can I help you?"

child - "(state the emergency)"

you - "Can you give me your address?"

child - "(state their address)"

you - "Ok, thank you for calling. We are sending out help right away."

Here are some scenarios that you might call out:

* Your mom sends you to your room because you hit your brother. - NOT

* You smell smoke outside of your room and your mom isn't home. - EMERGENCY

* Your cat is missing. - NOT

* Your baby brother is choking and you can't find your parents. - EMERGENCY

* Your mom is hurt and can't speak. - EMERGENCY

After you have completed the activity, print out this coloring page so that your child(ren) can color it while you discuss the activity and other scenarios on when 911 is to be called. (affiliate links are used)

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