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6 Things My Kids Love About Homeschooling

The Homeschool Review Crew asked us what we love about homeschooling. I wrote this post about what I love about homeschool, but I thought that it would be interesting to ask my boys what they love about homeschooling. Honestly it was easier for our 2nd grader to come up with things than our 7th grader. If it has anything to do with school or work, he wants nothing to do with it. Is that normal? I know that he likes to homeschool and would choose it over public school, but it's hard to get him to verbalize it. He thinks that if he says something nice about it, it might show that he likes school - Gasp!

So here are the 6 things that they were able to come up with:

1) Times Tables and Science

Our 7 year old in 2nd grade came up with this answer quickly. We are reviewing Times Alive right now and he is LOVING it! My review post will be coming early next month. If your child is ready to learn their times tables - this is so great! Check out a sample YouTube video here. He is really enjoying going through all of the lessons. He also loves Science when it is hands-on (see #6).

2) Being with Family

This was a mixed answer. Our 2nd grader was talking about being with me and his brother, as well as being with grandparents (see #3), while our 7th grader talked about how he did like being with us ("Don't take this personal, Mom"), but just not as much. I remember those days...wanting to be only with your friends. I get it - not offended.

3) Doing School with Grandma & Grandpa

We go over to my parents house every Thursday so the boys can work on some of their school with their grandparents. Our 7th grader does Science with Grandpa while our 2nd grader reads his Bible story to Grandma and sometimes works on Math with her as well.

4) Shorter School Day

This was an answer from our 7th grader. I asked him to explain and he said that he likes that he can stop school at 12 at the latest while other kids his age go later. We start earlier (usually around 7am) and we rarely go until noon, but we have set that as our definite end time for the day. If we can't get school done in 5ish hours, we have too much. He likes that it doesn't take as long to do most subjects, either.

5) Schedule

Another answer from the 7th grader - (do you see a pattern with time? Hmmm.) He said that he likes that he doesn't have to get completely dressed (meaning socks and shoes) and be ready to leave early in the morning. Even though they do get dressed each morning (I find that they are more productive that way), they don't have to be out the door at a specific (and early) time in the morning in order to catch the bus.

6) Activities

This was a final answer from our 2nd grader. He LOVES doing activities! He loves playing games, making projects, coloring, mazes, etc. While our 7th grader likes to play games, he could do without any projects, coloring, and the sort. He thinks they are all "extras" and he would rather just get his work done. He has never been a "fluff" kind of kid and really doesn't need much of it to understand the material.

I love the differences in learning styles and how homeschooling fits them all!

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