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1/20 Weekly Newsletter

Hello Subscribers! Welcome to our new subscribers! Thanks for subscribing to Homeschool 4 Life. Please let me know if you didn't get your "365 Fun & Frugal Activities To Do With Your Kids" Ebook. I'll make sure that you get it, if you didn't.

Big news is coming out this Monday! I don't send out a lot of extra emails, usually just our Weekly Newsletter, but this will be big news and I want you to know about it. You'll be getting an email on Monday to make you aware of what's happening here at Homeschool 4 Life! Look for that email on Monday.

Here are the posts that went up this week. Click on the picture to look further into each post to find out more:

Posts Coming Up This Week:

Franklin Has a Sleepover - Grandma's Reading Corner

Learning 3D Shapes

Help Me Be Good About Gossiping - Grandma's Reading Corner

February Journals

Another Monster at the End of This Book - Grandma's Reading Corner

14 Days of Valentines Activities Calendar & Supply List

Help Me Be Good About Breaking Promises - Grandma's Reading Corner

Valentines for 14 Days - Book List

Franklin Rides a Bike - Grandma's Reading Corner

Our Valentine's Day posts will be starting this week.

You're not going to want to miss what we have in store!

1/25 - February Journals

- These are cute journals that you can print out for your children so that they can write in a Valentine's Day themed journal.

1/26 - 14 Days of Valentine Activities Calendar & Supply List

- For the first 14 days of February (including weekends), we will be posting an activity that you and your children can do in honor of Valentine's Day. On this day, we will be posting our activity calendar that you can print out, as well as a supply list so you can get your supplies ready before hand.

1/27 - Valentines for 14 Days - Book List

- Grandma has put together, and read, a book list of 14 books that have a Valentine's Day theme. We will be posting the book list on 1/27 so that you know which books Grandma will be reading to your children for the first 14 days of February.

I'm so excited for what is happening here at Homeschool 4 Life!

Thank you for being a part of it!

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