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1/17/17 - 1/14/17 Weekly Newsletter

Hello Homeschool 4 Life Subscribers! I pray that it has been a wonderful week for you all! I know that it has been for us. We had a lovely family birthday party to go to and had a very productive week of homeschool after a 2 week break. Tuesday was probably the hardest day. I have noticed that after a week or longer break, the first day back is usually fine, but the second...now that's another thing altogether. But, thankfully we made it through!

Great news here at Homeschool 4 Life! I have been accepted to be on the Schoolhouse Teachers Curriculum Review Crew for 2017! I am really excited for this adventure into curriculum review. The boys and I will be working with multiple curriculums this upcoming year and then a review will be written. My first one is below! We worked through the SchoolhouseTeachers.com Yearly Membership. There was so much there and the boys liked it! Check it out below!

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Here are some of the other wonderful posts that have been put up on Homeschool 4 Life this week. Click on the picture if you'd like to look closer.

Here are the items that will be coming up this week.

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