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Teaching 3D Shapes

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Teaching your child about 3D shapes? We just went through them with our 2nd grader. This is a great topic to be hands-on as it leans itself that way because they are all around us. Here is what I did:

* Library Book

I checked out this book from the library. He read through it with Grandma Edie as they discussed the shapes. I really liked this book because it really brought 3D shapes to "life" and showed how they are all around us. It follows "Justin" as he and his mom go to the grocery store and discuss the different shapes that they see as they are there.

* Paper 3D Shapes

We then put together some 3D shapes from card stock. I found them at classroomfreebies.com. Click here to print them. After we printed them, we were able to make actual 3D shapes from card stock. I put also put them on our Pinterest page for future reference. He really liked feeling the shapes in his hands and using A LOT of tape.

* Individual 3D Shape Find

After each shape, we would walk around the house and he would find the 3D shape that we just talked about in the house. For example, after Grandma Edie and him read about the cylinder, they walked around Grandma's house and found cylinders. They found the paper towels, a cup, and Grandma found marshmallows! The marshmallows were a yummy cylinder to eat! Good job, Grandma!

* 3D Shape Making with Magnets

After he and Grandma Edie finished the book, he and Grandpa Ed made some 3D shapes with magnets that we had. They are close to these Magformers:

Here are some of the pictures of the 3D shapes that he made with magnets:

* 3D Shape Hunt

After we finished everything else, and as a review, I created a 3D Shape Hunt for him to complete. Click here or on the picture below to print one for yourself! He loved walking around our house looking for all of the 3D shapes that we have. It was a great review for our series of 3D shapes.

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