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10 Ways to Survive a Bad Day of Homeschooling

Do you ever have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day? You know those days, right? It's those days that started bad even before you got out of bed and it never got any better. You didn't get much sleep because the baby is sick, the toddler is teething and cries if you look directly at them, the 2nd grader spilled half a gallon (and the last) of the milk carton on the floor "trying to be a big boy", while the 4th grader thinks that he knows everything and announces that he doesn't need to "do school" anymore. That's just what happens sometimes (all before 8am, right?).

We all have those days. Just because we homeschool, doesn't mean that our days are candy and roses. We have bad days.

Just because we homeschool doesn't mean that our children are perfect.

Here are 10 ways that you can survive a bad day of homeschooling (or life, actually)!

1) Give them a hug! - Sometimes all you (and they) all need is a good hug. It's really amazing how that hug really can change your (and your children's) attitude.

2) Go outside - Fresh air does wonders for everybody's mood. When our children wouldn't stop crying, my husband would just take them outside and they would stop crying.

3) Have a snack (or a meal depending on what time it is) - Empty tummy = grumpy people. Take 5 minutes and have something to eat.

4) Stop for the day - When you are just trying to make it through the day, STOP homeschooling for the day. No one is going to be learning much on those days, so really it's in your, and your children's, best interest to just try it again tomorrow.

4) Play a board game together - Having fun together can change everyone's moods.

5) Take a nap / have quiet time / have alone time - When you're tired, your senses seem to be at their peak. Sleep helps. Sometimes you just need to have a little time by yourself. Get everyone in their own safe place and set the timer. This also helps teach children that it's okay to be by themselves and enjoy it.

6) Read a book out loud while kids play quietly - Going on an adventure with a book could help break everyone's mood and change their thinking. Or better yet, go to Grandma's Reading Corner and have Grandma read your kids some books! Thanks Grandma!

7) Have some one-on-one time with each child (or the child who'd attitude happens to be the worse). Sometimes our children are just needing a little quality time with us. They get quantity (especially if we are homeschooling), but are they really getting any quality time?

8) Watch a movie or play games - Technology can be a wonderful thing, when used properly. If you're worried about wasted time, there are so many great educational games that they can play on an iPad, tablet, or on the computer or educational tv shows to watch. It will change their mood as well as teach them some things. Bonus! Don't feel bad if you put on a movie or television show and sit your children in front of it. It's okay to do, if not used all the time.

9) Bake something - Having a hot cookie straight out of the oven can change anyone's mood and a little chocolate never hurt anyone!

10) Pray! This should really be #1 on the list! Praying to our heavenly father for guidance will help. He wants to know your struggles and your achievements. Go to Him!

So the next time you are just trying to survive the day, try one (or all) of these tips to see if it will change the mood in the home.

Remember, tomorrow is a new day!

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