• Felicia Mollohan

Calendar Skills Using Traceable Calendars

Calendar skills are so important to work on with children. Learning days of the week and months of the year, working through days, weeks, months, and years are all important skills for children to understand.

What I found useful with both of my boys was to put together a calendar binder. I would put together calendars for them to use each and every day we had school.

I have created a set of traceable calendars for 2017. These are great to print, 3-hole punch, and put in a calendar binder so that they will be accessible for your child each day. Each day, have your child trace the date for that day. Then you can discuss the date, month, etc. from there. There is also a blank calendar if you'd like to have your child write in the date instead of tracing it.

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Click on the picture of the calendar that you'd like to print.

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