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Interrupted Mom

Have you ever been doing something...

"Mom, can I have a snack?" "Yes, dear, but make sure it's healthy."

and you get...

"Bing!" (email notification)


"Mom, can you tell Sam to stop bothering me?" "Sam, what have I told you about standing so close to your sister while she is doing her school work? Please go read your book on your bed."


"Ding! Dong!" (UPS with a package)

and over

"Mom, I had a bad dream last night. Can I tell you about it?" (at 3pm in the afternoon)

and over.

There are those days where I feel like I haven't had one complete thought all day. I am unfocused and I am frustrated by the end of the day because I don't feel like I've gotten anything accomplished.

It's not only the children whom I love with all my heart and I have chosen to stay home with that interrupt me, it's life. It's the emails, the texts, the doorbell. But, if I'm totally honest with myself (and you know, I'm always honest with myself), I am the problem most of the time.

Yes, you read that right. I am my own worst enemy to being interrupted. You see, I left the notifications on my phone so that I will know when I get an email (on my blog email, only, but still!). But, more than that, though. I lose focus on what I am to accomplish that day.

I have found that on the days that I am the most distracted and unfocused, I also have had no vision for that day. If you look at my calendar for that day, it's probably blank.

If I have no vision for my day, I will lose my focus for what I'm to accomplish.

That's the answer. Vision.

If I want to be an uninterrupted mom, then I need vision.

In order for me to work through my vision, I need to make a schedule.

In order to make a schedule, I need to pull out a calendar and actually use it.

I need to ask myself these questions:

1) Do I have any appointments or meetings that I need to go to today?

- These should already be written down in your calendar, but if not, do that now!

2) What do I NEED to accomplish today?

- When do meals need to be started? Write it in your calendar. This may seem silly to write down when you need to start dinner, but the more information that you have out of your head on onto paper (or the computer, which is the calendar I use), the more free your brain will be to concentrate on other things.

3) Where do I NEED to go today?

- Do you need to go grocery shopping or to the post office? Write down whatever errands you have and try to do them in ONE outing. This saves SO much time, effort, and gas. These can correspond with #1 above.

- Do you need to pick up cousins from school or take Grandma to the doctor's office? Write it all down.

4) Have you scheduled in some "ME" time today?

- This can be just 15 minutes where you read your Bible or peruse Pinterest, but make sure that you have some "ME" time each day (if you can). If you find that you are too busy, then something else needs to go from your schedule or you may need to get up a little earlier to make it happen.

5) What do you WANT to accomplish today?

- What projects do you want to tackle today? If it is a big project, and you won't have time to complete it in one day, break it into smaller parts and schedule 1 or more to do today.

- This may be cleaning out a closet or washing the car. Whatever it is, write it on your schedule.

Here are some other things that you might need to think about:

* Do your children seem to be bugging each other or interrupting you a lot lately?

- You probably haven't been spending enough time with them. You're probably saying, "But, I'm with them 24 hours a day 7 days a week! How can I not be spending enough time with them?"

- You have the quantity down! It might be the quality.

- Have you spent any one-on-one time (not including school) with each child this week? Have you had any discussions with them about what they want to talk about?

- You need to make sure that your children know that they are a priority to you and that they are more important than your "to do" list.

* Are you unable to stick to your schedule?

- You may have too many items on your schedule and it's just not reasonable to accomplish all that you have planned. - Remember that your schedule is a guide, it does not rule your life. Be flexible!

* Are you finding that you just don't have the time to do all that you need to do, let alone what you'd like to do?

- We all go through those "seasons" in our lives where our lives are filled up with, well, "life". Children get sick, husbands go through a job change, families move. Don't expect to accomplish a whole lot of "extras" during these times in your life. It's okay!

In order to be more accomplished throughout my week, I sit down with my calendar one during during the weekend in order to schedule out the upcoming week. There are some standing tasks that stay on my calendar week after week like: meals and school, but most of the others switch around and it helps to focus on what I'll be working on this week. Working through the schedule actually helps me internalize it better. Then, all I have to do is glance at my schedule throughout each day to make sure that I'm on track (for the most part).

I hope that this helps you to not be an "interrupted mom" as much. Does this completely fix the problem, NO WAY! Kids will be kids. Life will be life. Maybe, though, this will help you not interrupt yourself and help you to be more focused.

What helps you not be an "interrupted mom"? I'd love to hear about what you do that helps! Just leave a comment below.

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