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How To Make A Christmas Hat Floral

Isn't that Christmas hat floral the cutest? It doesn't take many materials or time to complete this great gift or decoration. This would be a great craft to make with your kids and pass out to neighbors for Christmas gifts! We saw something like this on The Spohrs are Multiplying blog and had to make our own version. Go see their post here. (affiliate links are used)


1 Santa hat (Walmart sells theses for $1 each)

1 brick sized DRY floral foam (they come in a package of 6 sold in most craft stores)

2 bushels of flowers (pick what you like - we got a gold bushel and a red poinsettia bushel that had a couple of extras) - Ultimately you will need at least 11 flowers.

red decorative spread (it's the "paper" that covered the foam - it doesn't take much)

1 candy cane (we used plastic, but you could probably use real if you want)

hot glue gun

wire cutters


1) Put the green floral foam inside of the hat just far enough so that it's not seen from the front.

2) Put just a couple of dots of hot glue on the inside of the hat to attach it to the foam.

3) Cover the foam with the red decorative spread

4) Sit it up (as seen in the picture below) and place a little hot glue to attach where it bends (this helps give it a little support to sit up).

5) Now we are ready to start putting our flowers in. Before we do though, you need to use the wire cutters to cut the flower stems from the bushel, so all of the flowers are individual stems and not a bushel anymore.

6) Choose 5 flowers that are alike (or that you want in the back) and place them as shown in the picture below. There is one is the center back (this one should be the tallest), then the others (2 to each side of it) should look like stairs in height.

7) Now chose flowers from your 2nd bushel and place one right in front of the tallest one in the back (see the red center flower below).

8) Then place 2 more to the right side of that center flower (height like stairs going down).

9) Now take 2 more flowers and place them to the left of the center red flower. We didn't have 2 poinsettias, so we put 1 poinsettia and a leaf bunch on the farthest left. So now we have 2 rows of 5 flowers each.

10) In the center front, place a flower. We had a stem with leaves and a bow so we thought it would look nice in the front.

11) Finally, add the candy cane. Just press it into the foam where you'd like it. Also, if you have any extra flowers, just add them in as filler.

And Voila! You're done! The directions make it so much more complicated than it really is. Once you have made one, any others won't take you any time at all!

Have fun!

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