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Don't Forget to Remember Christmas

"Don't Forget to Remember Christmas" seems to be a silly title, doesn't it? How could I forget Christmas? I've been shopping during all of my spare time, going to Christmas programs and parties, listening to Christmas music (in the stores since October), wrapping presents, setting up the tree, singing Christmas carols, decorating the house, having friends and family over, putting together my Christmas dinner menu, making table decorations, following all of the family traditions, etc. Of course I didn't forget Christmas!

That's the problem, though. We have forgotten to remember Christmas - the REAL Christmas. Christmas is not a checklist that needs to be completed. It's not another event that's on our calendar. It's not something that we have to get ready for.

CHRISTmas is here.

It's always here.

If you don't put up a tree - CHRISTmas is still here.

If you don't buy a single gift - CHRISTmaS is still here.

If you don't visit anyone - CHRISTmas is still here.

If you don't make one Christmas goodie - CHRISTmas is still here.

If you don't put one any of your decorations - CHRISTmas is still here

Even if you don't do a single "Christmas" item on your to-do list...


Still Came

For You

Don't forget to remember Christmas this year. Remember what your Savior did for you that night in Bethlehem. That's when Christmas started...and it will always be here no matter what.

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