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The Christmas Stocking Activity

During this Christmas season, we all try to guide our children towards giving rather than receiving, right? Well, the book "The Legend of the Christmas Stocking" helps us do just that. Over in Grandma's Reading Corner, Grandma reads the story of "The Legend of the Christmas Stocking" for you. Just play it for your children while you sit and drink a cup of tea.

The Christmas Stocking - Grandma's Reading Corner

Once you've finished the video, discuss with your children about what Peter did for his family. Here are some questions that you can ask your children to get them to think a little deeper about the story.

What did he give up in order to give his sisters and mom Christmas presents while their dad was away?

What would you have done if you were Peter?

What would you give up in order to give something to someone else?

I like to combine subjects and ideas so I have put together this writing activity that you can have your children complete once you've read the book (or listened to Grandma reading the book) and discussed it. Just print out the worksheet below and have your children write about what they would give up in order to give something to someone else.

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