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Journey Through the Nativity Family Devotional

This family devotional was put together so that I had something to go through with our children during the month of December. I wanted something that would go a little deeper into the Biblical event of Jesus' birth, more than just the basic story.

This devotional breaks up the Bible verses of Luke 1:26-2:16 into 12 separate, but connected lessons. There doesn't seem to be many verses there, but there is SO much information that I wanted to go through with our children, especially for our second grader who is ready to dive deeper into the story that he already is familiar with.

What is great about this devotional is that it is for anybody. It is written so that a two year old will understand what is going on and will get familiar with the people involved, a seven year old can learn a little more than just the basic story, as well as thought-provoking enough for the adults to make it personal.

For each lesson, there are verses to read through and get deeper into, questions for review, a question to make it personal, as well as a parent story. The parent story is a time that the parent can tell a story from their own life that correlates to what your children just learned from the event of Jesus' birth.

At the end of each lesson, your child can glue a picture, that represents the lesson you went through that day, onto a map of their "Journey Through the Nativity". This map will be a great review tool to help connect all of the lessons into one event that changed the world, the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior.

I hope you and your family enjoy learning more about our Savior's birth this Christmas by going on a Journey Through the Nativity!

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