• Felicia Mollohan

Use the Skills God Gave You

I was standing in church last weekend singing along to the worship songs when I started thinking of the people singing on stage. They were using the gifts that God gave them to help others worship Him.

Do we believe this? God gave each of us different gifts and abilities in order to serve others. As my husband says, “God doesn’t give us gifts and abilities for us, but for us to use for others and for God.”

He's right, you know. We each have been given special abilities that we can use for others. The problem is when we don’t recognize the gifts that we have and we pine for those that someone else has.

You see, my dream has always been to be on stage singing. God knows that it wouldn’t be for Him, it would be for me. I would be worried about how I sounded, what I looked like, what the people are thinking about my singing, etc. That’s why I need to be content singing along with the congregation. But, He’s given me other abilities that I can use for Him and for others. I like to teach children. That’s why we homeschool and I help teach at church. My husband is good at teaching others about the Bible as well as working with his hands. That’s why he talks with our children about the Bible and he can help people with fixing things.

You may ask, “How do I find out what gifts and abilities God has given to me?”

Pray and ask God to reveal them to you.

Think about what you’re good at and enjoy doing.

Figure out how you can use the skills and abilities that you already have to serve others for God.

Once you figure out your skills and abilities - don’t hide them. Be free to use them for God’s glory, not your own.


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