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100s Charts

We have used 100s charts for many different concepts in math throughout the years. They can be a wonderful visual for children to understand numbers and how to work with them better. We have used them to learn and practice:

* Number recognition:

- I would say a number and he would find it. My younger son loved doing this at even the young age of 2! We had a large 100s chart that was laminated and he would use a dry erase marker to circle the number that I stated. Surprisingly, he caught on to this very quickly! I would say a number, like "47". We would talk about how it would be in the 4th row and the 7th number over. This was a great math game that he loved to play!

* Counting by 2s, 5, 10s, etc.:

- We would use a blank 100s chart and I would have him color in the numbers that were in the "counting by" pattern. For example, if he was learning how to count by 5s, I would have him start at the #1, count to 5, and color. Then he would count 5 more numbers and then color. Eventually he would catch on to the pattern of where the numbers are.

* Adding & Subtracting:

- This is a great visual for adding and subtracting if you're trying to more your children away from actual objects. So they can learn to count the numbers, instead of crayons, for example. To do this, I would write out a math problem. They would start at the first number and then either count on or count backwards from that number.

(click on the picture to print)

I have put together these 100s charts for your use. There is a blank one, but then I also put together a counting by 5s, 10s, and 2s if you want to use them for reference or put them in a school binder for your children to be able to look back at for help.


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