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Homeschooling Preschool

When I was homeschooling my oldest and my youngest was preschool age, I was actually asked, “Are you going to send him to preschool?” I answered, “No, we homeschool.” Then they said, “Well, I know, but I thought that you would send him to preschool and then homeschool.”

I was completely confused by this conversation. Why, if we homeschool our children, would we send them to a preschool? This made no sense to me.

Preschoolers are little. Preschoolers are young. Preschoolers need to play. Preschoolers need to be with mom. Why wouldn’t I keep them home and homeschool them during their preschool years?

Anyways, homeschooling preschool doesn’t need to be difficult. They need to learn their colors, shapes, numbers, letters, etc. These are things that can be done at home. They don’t need to be taught in a structured “school” setting. You don’t need sit them down, have them do workbooks, and make them “do school”.

Live life with them. Teach them how to make their bed, clean up their toys, take them to the grocery store. Have them help with the laundry, cleaning the bathroom, and making lunch.

Talk with them. Ask them what they think about things. Talk about things that you see. Talk with them about what’s on their tv shows. Open up that line of communication early on so that they feel comfortable talking with you.

Play with them. Give them toys that open their minds. Play with toys that are multiple colors. Count their toys. Sing the ABC song with them. Give them your time because that’s what they need and want at this age (and any age really).

Homeschooling your kids for preschool doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be a struggle. Take cues from your kids on how much they can do on any given day. Some days they will be like little sponges and just can’t get enough information. Other days, they will only be able to get dressed. That’s ok. Don’t push them. Just love them and live life with them, talk with them, and play with them.


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