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Spelling Baseball

When I was teaching in the public school, one of the favorite games of my students to practice spelling was to play Spelling Baseball. They always cheered when I told them that we were going to play it. So I thought, why can’t we do it in homeschool?

So with a few tweeks, we made it work.

  • First thing, you need bases (of course). You don’t need actual bases. Couches, chairs, pillows, entertainment centers, all work great. All you need is something to stand by.

  • Next you need a list of spelling words. You can even use multiple spelling lists, one for each of your kids.

  • Lastly - PLAY!

How to Play:

  • You are the pitcher and your kids are the batters

  • Have one of your children get up to “bat”

  • Tell them to spell a certain word off of their list

  • If they spell it correctly, they go to 1st base

  • they get to spell another word and move their way around the bases

  • If they spell it incorrectly they get an out (no balls or strikes)

  • 3 strikes and they’re out

  • If they make it home, they get a point

  • You can either keep them going around the bases until they get 3 strikes or you can give another child a turn and just keep track of all of the outs and points

This is a great way to practice spelling words by getting your children up and moving.


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