• Felicia Mollohan

Raising Children is Like Trying to Hit a Moving Target

As parents, we try to raise our children the best that we can. We teach them right from wrong, we show them how to tie their shoes, and we try to feed them a healthy diet. We stay up late to sooth their cries and we get up early when they won’t stay in their bed any longer.

Raising children is difficult. Once you think you’ve got it all figured out, they change. Children don’t stay the same. They are constantly growing and learning new things which means, when you’re homeschooling them, you need to be aware of those things. You need to be observant of your children and how they are growing. It’s easy to get into a rut of doing the same things for them not realizing that they might be capable of doing some of those things for themselves.

Our oldest is 12 and is almost as tall as me. He’s growing into a wonderful young man. I don’t give him enough credit for what he is able to do. He helps me out now with a lot things and is growing stronger everyday. He’s not a little kid anymore. I think it might be harder for me to realize these things with our youngest. To me, he’s the little one. Well, wake up Momma. He’s not so little anymore. He’s able to do more than I give him credit for.

Raising children is like trying to hit a moving target. Children are growing and changing every day and it’s our job, as their parents, to make sure that we are constantly changing our aim in order to hit the bullseye with them every time.


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