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Incorporating Bible Education into School Day

Bible education is so important to our family. It is our responsibility as parents, not the church’s, to teach our children what they need to know about God’s Word. We take that responsibility very seriously so we decided, from the very beginning, to put Bible education into their normal school day.

How does that work? How do you fit it in?

Simple. It’s a subject on their schedule for their school work. I put it right along with Math, History, and Science. Our kids know that learning the Bible is as important, if not more, than all their other subjects.

What do you teach them?

I start with reading them the Bible stories. I have found many great Bible story books that have all of the stories from Genesis to Revelation in them. I read to them from when they are babies through Kindergarten.

1st-3rd Grade:

I found these great Bible readers from Rod & Staff. We just love them! They really help your child to work through the Bible stories while learning to read at the same time. For our youngest, I even used the Phonics and Reading Workbooks that go along with the readers. These really helped him understand reading and helped him learn new sounds.

2nd Grade:

We will be using these 2 books for his Bible education. I have used the Bible Animal book in the past with Wednesday night kids’ classes at our church and I think that he will really like these.

3rd - 4th Grade:

We used this book with our oldest and will use it starting next year with our youngest. It walks them through every book of the Bible. It gives tells them the author, characters, key stories, and a summary of what happens. This is a great book to give your children an overview of the entire Bible. I teach my children note taking while going through this book as well.

5th Grade & On:

This really depends on where your child is developmentally as well as spiritually. Reading the Bible themselves is a great routine to get your children into at this age. They should be proficient readers by this time and should have a basic understanding of the Bible. Let their interests and questions lead your decision into what they will be studying about as it pertains to the Bible. Remember, Bible study is a lifelong pursuit.


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