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Supplies Needed to Homeschool

Text books, workbooks, desk, paper, markers, tape, cd player, crayons, construction paper, books, ruler, etc.

The list could go on and on. The list could almost be overwhelming! All of those things are nice, but in my experience, there are only a few things that are necessary in order to homeschool.

  1. Library Card - This gets you unlimited access to books on any given subject you want to study. Most libraries also have classes to attend, videos to check out, and Summer programs to get involved with.

  2. Computer & Printer - These are so useful for various reasons. You can make your own worksheets, use it to lesson plan, teach your children how to type, use curriculum that is to be used on the computer (like Teaching Textbooks), or use them for writing practice. They also are useful with #3 on my list.

  3. Internet Access - I know this is a monthly expense, unless you can use free wifi somewhere, but it is so worth it. The internet is full of resources, free and for pay, that you can use for your homeschool. There are many classes that can be found online, as well. Whenever I need something, I just Google my idea and a list of choices come up. There are worksheets, unit studies, book studies, art resources, and much much more! The internet is the main resource that I use for homeschool. I research material, I find free resources to print, and I learn new ideas to add to our homeschool.

  4. Pencils - You will need pencils in order to complete those worksheets and unit studies that you found online and printed.

That’s it! Of course, other things are nice, but you can get by with just the four items listed above.


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