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Study Your Children

A homeschooling parent has a lot of work to do: choosing curriculum, planning how to implement that curriculum, studying the material, prepping, copying, let alone teaching. There is something that I think will help with all of the above mentioned items.

Study your children. Learn your children.

“What? How do I study them?”

Watch them. Listen to them. Reflect on their behaviors.

“I’m with my children all day every day. You’re saying that I don’t know my children?”

You may not.

We all get that way. We are in the routine (or rut) of teaching the way that we think we should be teaching without taking a second look at if it’s working.

Are your children learning what you’re teaching?

Are they excited about what you have planned?

Are you all just going through the motions?

My oldest son needs to have a reason for why he’s to do something. Not that he’s defiant or anything if he doesn’t get a reason, but he is a logical young man and likes to know that there’s a purpose for why he’s doing something. For example, he has never liked coloring. It didn’t have a purpose for him. But, if I had a project for him to complete, then he would color it because it would enhance the project. Speaking of projects, he didn’t (still doesn’t) like projects just to do a project. He also doesn’t like workbooks. There has to be a reason and a purpose for why we were doing something, even if that reason is just because I thought it would be fun. He hates busy work. He is a very systematic thinker and learner who needs to have some alone time in the day. My oldest son is a deep thinker and needs to have quality conversations a few times each week in order to get things out of his head and to be able to move past them.

Now, my youngest son is the opposite. He likes projects and coloring and he doesn’t care about the reason. He likes to make things look nicer with color. He likes busy work. He likes workbooks. He doesn’t need a reason to do something. He has his own system for completing work. He is a more creative thinker and learner who needs to be with others throughout the day. He needs to have cuddles many times each day and likes to have a story read to him at night.

If I didn’t study my children, I would be doing everything the same with both of them. I would treat them the same as well as teach them the same. I need to tailor my teaching to their learning and personalities.

By studying my children, I am a better mom and teacher to them. I am fulfilling their needs which helps them grow to be better young men.


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